Marlene's Retirement Party
March 25, 2007
 Celebration for Marlene Bowen after 32 years of service to the Chebeague Island and Cumberland Rescue. Family and friends gathered on March 25th at the Chebeague Island Hall to honor Marlene for her many years of dedication to the Island. Tom Calder presented a plaque from the Fire Department, Debbie Bowman presented the first ever annual Seabury Volunteer Award and plaque and Nancy presented a clock with engraving and a gift certificate to Days Jewelry from the Rescue honoring Marlene for 32 years of service. Nancy, Polly and the rescue squad put on a fabulous feast with so much food from so many people. John Jordan, Mark Olson, Melissa Doughty, Josh Doughty, Gene Robinson, Gary Ross and even Med and Marlene played and sang!!!


A few movie clips from the Celebration

The band

Marlene and Priscilla w/Med singing

Med and the band 

Marlene and Med- Crazy about You

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