Coming Soon!
A Chebeague Pageant for the 21st Century

Chebeaguers have always been putting on shows, so it seems fitting that we should produce an updated version of the 1995, Historical Society's production of Chebeague in Fact, Fiction and Folklore as well as excerpts from the hilarious hit, How the Creeks Came to Be . The original production of Facts had a cast of more than forty, while the entire school entertained the community in the story of the Giant Clam. That was in 1995--12 years ago. The youngest actors are now in high school and the rest of us are, well twelve years older, but we are ready to try it again! The play will be performed the end of June or the first week of July as part of the big celebration when Chebeague becomes the newest town in Maine!

The play is a series of short skits that require very little rehearsal. The lines and songs are easy to learn. You only need to come to the rehearsals of your scenes until the dress rehearsal. The time commitment is is minimal, but the fun is infinite! We also need costume, props and scenery for you really creative folks!

Skits have been written by Sylvia Ross, Donna Damon, Tyler Putnam, Tom Damon, Simon Brown, and James Vaughn. The show will be directed by Sylvia, Donna and Rachel.

Now we just need the actors! We are hoping some folks will be willing to reprise old familiar roles, but there will be plenty of parts to go around! Like the Greek Pageant, no warm body will be turned down!

Please call Donna 846-5140 or Sylvia 846-4117--ASAP if you would like to participate. Last time we were still writing scenes up to a week before to accommodate all of the people who wanted to participate! Like the Greek Pageant, no one will be turned away because of lack of talent, because we believe we all have a latent bit of ham in us!

Please come to an organizational meeting on Sunday May 7 at the MUSEUM at 6:30 PM.

But please call to sign up so we will have a part for you. All are welcome whether you live on Chebeague, summer here, or are an occasional visitor-- WE WANT YOU!