Jerry Wiles re-introduces our American and Maine heroes and heroines

 Thought-provoking lectures and/or discussions

Join him in lively discussion to revisit history, regain knowledge and renew interest in who and what shaped our nation and state.

 What is Offered:

  • A series of one-hour presentations including lecture, slides, photos and handouts
  • Lectures cover disturbing questions and opinions related to famous leaders in history.
  • You choose the person and topic to be discussed

John Adams
Devoid or Misunderstood?

Thomas Jefferson

Abe Lincoln
Nineteenth Century Demigod 

Theodore Roosevelt
Mount Rushmore

Lewis and Clark
Heroes or Villains?

Josh Chamberlain
Obscurity to Popularity

Franklin Roosevelt
Underrated or Overrated?

Clara Barton
Did She Need the Civil War?

John Kennedy
Would the Real JFK Please Stand Up?

Eleanor Roosevelt
What if She Hadn't Been First Lady?