One of the primary topics to be discussed this coming Tuesday centers around
the Board of Selectpersons. Specifically -
1. Should all seats be at-large?
2. Should the island have districts of approximately an equal number
of voters with an individual from each district being elected by all voters?
3. Should some seats be at-large and some by district? And if so,
how many of each?

Why is your input important?
Your input is needed to shape the recommendation by the subcommittee to the
Transition Team regarding selectpersons and configuration of the Board. But
more importantly, your thoughtful input now will provide subcommittee
members with insight into how you want to self-govern during our early
stages as a municipality. Additionally, resulting decisions will directly
impact to what degree you, your views, and your priorities may be
represented by Board members.

Please make a special effort to participate and let your voice be heard
especially during this phase of the process. Help our recommendations be
reflective of the local government structure you want, not what we think you

What if I can't possibly attend on 10/31?
Please reply to this email before noontime on Sunday 10/29. Put your name in
the body of the message and respond to the following:
A. Which of the above 3 options do you prefer and why?
B. Which of the above 3 options do you strongly disapprove of, if any,
and why?
C. If you prefer # 3 above, of the 5 seats being recommended by the
subcommittee, how many should be at-large and why?

Please consider which of these options you believe would result in the best
representation for you and in the best form of government for the future of
the island in general.

I'll compile the replies I receive by noontime on Sunday and bring them to
Tuesday's meeting to share with subcommittee members.

What else?
My island email list is quite old, so my apologies for not having the time
to include more voters in this distribution. Please print this email and
give copies to your neighbors who do not have internet access. Ask that they
jot down their names and responses on the sheet and drop it off to me by
Sunday noontime - 40 Jenks Road.

Where's the meeting?
We meet every Tuesday evening at 7:15PM at the Parish House. All are welcome
to attend, to ask questions, and to provide input on any topic under
discussion. Please join us so we're not working for you in a vacuum!

Thanks! Your input is important -
Bette Tellinghuisen
(Boopie Doughty)