Minutes of the meeting of the Town of Chebeague Transition Committee, October 18, 2006 at 7:15 at the Parish House  (Accepted 10/2506)


Members present:, Mark Dyer, Leon Hamilton, David Hill, John Martin (Chair), Jim Phipps, Doug Ross, Stephen Todd, and Carol White 

Absent: Donna Damon

Visitors: 18


Next Meeting on October 25 at 7:15 at the Parish House


  1. Minutes from 10/11/06: Motion to approve; seconded; unanimously approved.
  2. Questions/comments from the public: none at this time.
  3. Old business:
    1. Mark asked if we would consider a small group to review the existing town ordinances from Cumberland that might apply to the Town of Chebeague Island.  Jim offered to put together a small task force to divvy up the ordinances amongst the subcommittees and to contact Bill Shane to seek out whatever book/documentation exists – in terms of a full and complete set.  Carol will do the same re: SAD51 educational policies.  Carol offered that Maine Municipal Association can also offer assistance here – in terms of templates, examples of other towns, and eventually possibly even legal review of our eventual proposed ordinances.
    2. John has arranged with the Library that CITC committee members and subcommittees can use the Library¹s copying facilities; John/CITC will be billed at a later date.
    3. Leon mentioned that Jane Frizzell offered to take minutes at his last subcommittee meeting, and that her work is appreciated!
  4. Communication
    1. Access/transportation: Jim mentioned that several folks have asked him about enforcement issues at Stone Pier.  He then asked where this issue should live: Access/transport?  Public safety?  He also opined that current problems should be dealt with by the current Town and its structure; his committee, however, will take on the task of future approaches to this issue.
    2. Leon offered that Cumberland has (somewhat of a surprise to him) set up a meeting re: Marine Issues – and then Leon learned that Bill also did not know about the meeting.  Seems like evidence of the importance of the communication protocol that Bill and John have established (ie that subcommittee chairs can request meetings with town departments, but to do so through Bill with a copy to John).
    3. John offered that a few committee members received an email from a summer resident who feels that they would like to be more involved in the current process.  This person has been reading minutes of the meetings, and appreciates that effort.  But, this person asks that the Committee take extra efforts to include the voice and thoughts of summer property owners who are not always here, and who are not voters.  Donna replied to the writer that, voting laws notwithstanding, there are ways for summer residents to be involved in subcommittee work.
    4. Mark was asked by a resident if non-residents who are on subcommittee members are able to vote on issues in that subcommittee¹s work.  Jim noted that subcommittees only make recommendations to the Transition Committee – that the MMA regs apply to the Transition Committee, and not necessarily to subcommittee members.  David offered a motion that all subcommittee members – Chebeague voter or not - be able to vote within that subcommittee¹s work; Carol seconded the motion.  Discussion ensued.  Motion has been deferred until item #7.
    5. Carol offered pamphlets from a research organization regarding current macro issues in Maine – streamlining of local government, urban sprawl, etc. 
  5. Subcommittee updates:
    1. Government structure: first meeting last night; reviewed their subcommittee¹s charge and focused on an initial list of questions / r&d; recommends that we follow the town meeting form of government.  Forward assignments for subcommittee members (such as reviewing MMA descriptions of town job responsibilities).
    2. Finance/budget: will be meeting with Bill Shane et al at 10:30am Saturday at the Cumberland Town Hall – anyone interested is welcome.  F/b has prepared a list of questions/topics (Budget Thoughts; document distributed, and to be placed on the website) that David would like to have added as an agenda item for next week¹s meeting.  Next meeting Tuesday night of next week at David¹s house.
    3. Education: has organized their subcommittee into several topical sub-subcommittees (transportation, personnel, curriculum, etc) – the process is underway, 18 or 20 members are working.  Next meeting Tuesday of next week at the school.  If you want to be copied on their minutes, contact Carol.
    4. Public works: 7 members, met last Sunday 7pm at the firehouse (this is their regular meeting place and time).  Reviewed the charge; lengthy discussion of how to setup a department, what items might be subcontracted.  Planning to break into small groups to visit a few towns each to review their structure and process.
    5. Public safety: has met twice; Tuesday nights 7:15, for now at the Firehouse, is their regular time for meeting.  Doug has also exchanged several emails with Bill regarding possible strategies.  Will meet with Bill and others from the Town Saturday after the Finance subcommittee meeting with Bill.  Also good conversations with the Fire Chief in terms of future help.  Jill has met with the regional EMT organization.
    6. Land use: Beth out of town, no report at this time.
    7. Community services: has not yet met; John has been researching with Cumberland the details of what they have provided to Chebeague in the past.  Regular meeting schedule to be determined.
    8. Marine issues: 10 members, Ken Hamilton has agreed to chair.  Currently reviewing ordinances from different towns.  Focus this week is the Cumberland ordinance (the Coastal Waters ordinance), in an editing function (this ordinance includes job descriptions as well).  In terms of recommendations, they are tackling one or two major issues at a time; then, they¹ll bring their recommendation to the Transition Committee, and then move on to the next few issues.
    9. Access/transportation: Jim will modify this subcommittee¹s charge to include parking / Stone Wharf issues, as discussed earlier tonight.  Committee has not yet met as a group, but each interested individual has met with the subcommittee chair.  First focus: coordination of existing efforts around Joint Standing Committee work, including pending land/legal situations at hand.  Work plan is to use their charge as a table of contents for their eventual recommendations to the Transition Committee.
    10. Waste management: has not yet met as a group; Mark, as chair, has been familiarizing himself with the finances and operations of the transfer station. 
  6. Review Transition Committee expectations of the subcommittees, combined now with 7. discuss the development / need for a Transition Committee Workplan:

      Nominate chair/spokesperson

      Regular meeting schedule

      Status reporting

      Other items

    1. David reviewed a document that he passed around titled Suggested Administrative Procedure For Sub-Committees.  Carol suggested that we supplement David¹s proposal with a hard copy binder, maintained by the subcommittee, at the Library.  Added to the original proposal David distributed: all subcommittee members can contribute to the subcommittee¹s decisions on recommendations; the agenda published for TCTC (Town of Chebeague Transition Committee) will include a listing of meetings upcoming for the next week to the extent possible.  And, subcommittees to maintain paper copies in a binder at the library.  Motion by Mark: to adopt the 11 items of the Suggested Administrative Procedure For Sub-Committees, as discussed tonight, of subcommittee procedures.  Seconded.  Passed, with one ³no² vote.
    2. Transition Committee Workplan: basically, a reporting timeframe for the work of the subcommittees – a ³milestones² approach that outlines when each subcommittee would report on their work to date.  Suggestion was made that we add to the existing draft workplan the concept of regular public meetings that incorporate these subcommittee progress reports – both to share more broadly with the public and to gather input.  Another suggestion was to incorporate Town Meeting concepts into these public meetings, as a way for all of us to learn.  Next week: decide whether Jan 6 or 7, morning start, for this ³mock town meeting² / public update.  Leon moves that we table this item till next week; seconded; passes unamimously.  David to email the draft workplan / schedule to all TCTC members, for discussion / decision next at week¹s meeting.
    3. Motion to adjourn; seconded; passes unanimously.



Respectfully submitted,



Bob Earnest