Minutes of the Chebeague Transition Committee March 18, 2007 at 8:30 at the Rec Center (moved to the Firehouse).  (Accepted 3/28/07)


The meeting was called to order by John Martin at 9:05.


Members present: Donna Damon, Mark Dyer, Leon Hamilton, David Hill, John Martin (Chair), Jim Phipps, Doug Ross and Stephen Todd. 

Absent:  Carol White

Beth Howe served as secretary.


At 9:05 David Hill moved, seconded by Donna Damon that the TC go into executive committee to discuss personnel matters pursuant to MRSA 405.6.A.1 – Title 1 Chapter 13, section 405.  Approved unanimously.


At 12.20 Doug Ross moved, seconded by Jim Phipps that the TC come out of executive session.  Approved unanimously


Meeting adjourned at 12:21.


Respectfully submitted,


Beth Howe