Minutes of the Chebeague Transition Committee February 25, 2007 at 8:30 at the Rec Center.  (Accepted 3/7/07)


Members present: Donna Damon, Mark Dyer, Leon Hamilton, David Hill, John Martin (Chair), Jim Phipps, Doug Ross, Stephen Todd and Carol White 


Carol White announced that next Sunday there will be a TC meeting at the Hall at 1:00 to present the education package and answer questions on all aspects of education.  She there are surprisingly few job descriptions of education jobs.  Should the TC go over the education job descriptions or just wait till memos of understanding come in.  Jim Phipps said it would make it harder to review the MOUs if the TC had not seen the job descriptions.  Carol will bring them up an a future meeting.   Does the TC want to review all the applications for superintendent.  The consensus was to review those of the top candidates. 


Jim asked if there would be a budget meeting by the TC soon.  Mark Dyer and David Hill said there should be a full day workshop to go over the whole budget and see how it compares to the CICA budget.  The meeting was set for Sunday March 11 at 8:30.  David Hill will try to have a draft to the TC by March 7.  David also said that any changes in the budget now should go to him with the account number. 


Mark Dyer said he had a good meeting with Pine Tree Waste and that they had proposals that might reduce the cost of getting the trash off the island.  He also tried to get a building permit for the work on the proposed Town Office in the Firehouse.  Bill Longley needed to check what the Planning Boardıs intent was when they approved the firehouse to see if it could be used for a Town office.  Donna Damon said she thought that adding some money to the budget for newer furniture in the apartment in the firehouse might make it quite useable.  She also said that Bill Shane wanted an estimate from Mark or Doug of the cost of replacing the rotten trim on the firehouse.  Cumberland will replace it before July. 


At 9:05 David Hill moved, seconded by Carol White to go into Executive Session to consider personnel policies and job descriptions pursuant to MRSA 405.6.A.1 – Title 1, Chapter 13, Section 405.  Approved unanimously.


At 12:15 Donna Damon moved, seconded by Doug Ross to come out of Executive Session.  Approved unanimously