Minutes of the Chebeague Transition Committee March 4, 2007 at 8:30 at the Rec Center.  (Accepted 3/14/07)


Members present: Donna Damon, Mark Dyer, Leon Hamilton, David Hill, John Martin (Chair), Doug Ross and Stephen Todd

Absent: Jim Phipps and Carol White


The meeting began at 8:45.


Donna Damon asked if it would be possible to produce a matrix of positions and their proposed hourly wages.  The TC will soon be interviewing job candidates soon and will have to be able to make offers to them. It does not have the information to do this. People are already asking about pay ranges.  She wants to be able to tell whether there are inequities within the pay structure the various subcommittee have developed.   This matrix would not apply to salaried positions because they are exempt from hourly wage calculation by the state.  Nadeen Daniels would know which jobs would be exempt.  David Hill said that his chart of employees with their benefits and subcommittee recommendations for pay could be used for this.  He could include a column for whether employees are exempt or not.  Donna said she would like each subcommittee to provide a range of pay for each employee.  Mark Dyer said he had talked with Carol White.  She is worried that the discussion at the public meeting on education will get into this kind of detail rather than looking at the wider picture.  David said he had added columns to his benefits sheet for whether the employees is hourly or not, the rate of pay and the hours worked per week. 


David Hill said that he is not ready yet to present the budget to the TC or the public.  John Martin said there is a workshop on the budget scheduled for next Sunday (March 11) for the TC.  Leon Hamilton said there are scheduled island-wide meetings on it on March 18 and April 1.  He will not be not here on March 18.  Leon is especially worried about the education budget which will be a large proportion of the Town¹s budget and may not be at all in line with the CICA budget.  He wonders whether expenditures on a secretary and an irrigation system for the ballfield are necessary.  Jim Phipps said on Wednesday that SAD 51 had made a commitment to maintain the irrigation system but Leon does not think that means that the Town of Chebeague has to take over that commitment.  John Martin said that education usually is the largest part of any town¹s budget. Donna Damon said that every part of the budget will be on the table for cuts.  She is very anxious to combine educational and town functions.  The TC should find out about Scarborough which is held up as a model for education-town cooperation.  Donna said she feels shut down in the Education Subcommittee¹s process.  It is important to remember the fishermen who live on the shore and pay high taxes.  Mark Dyer said that Carol will supply all the information that was asked for at Wendesday¹s meeting.  He  does not think that the irrigation system is something to be hung up on.  After the Town gets going it will be possible to work with Beverly Johnson to train the Public Works people to maintain the irrigation system.  The TC has recommendations that come from subcommittees.  The TC votes on them.  If they are passed, they can be revisited for budgetary issues.  But there is not time to revisit everything.  The selectmen can reevaluate the positions next year.  John Martin said that that the Education Subcommittee has recommended to keep the status quo for at least the first year.  After that changes can be made. 


David Hill said he was frustrated about not getting to the Human Resources Manual.  At 9:20 he moved to go into executive session to review the draft Human Resources Manual seconded by Mark Dyer.  Approved unanimously.


Beth Howe left before the executive session was over.


At 12:40 David Hill moved, seconded by Mark Dyer that the committee come out of executive session.  Passed unanimously.


David Hill moved, seconded by Mark Dyer to adjourn.  Passed unanimously


Respectfully submitted,


Beth Howe