Chebeague Island Transition Committee

Meeting Agenda


(Wednesday, October 25, 2006)

7:15 pm at the Parish Hall



1.  Approve minutes from 10/18/06

2.  Questions and comments from the public

3.  Old Business

4.  Communication

- Media

- Island – website, library, store, boat

- Committee members

- Questions and comments from the public

5.     Review and adopt Chebeague Island Transition Committee Workplan

6.     Review and agree upon Finance Committee general direction

7.     Discussion item – When do we get feedback from the community regarding what they want the Town of Chebeague to look like?  (Look like Cumberland, Long Island, or somewhere in between?)

8.     New Business



         Next meeting – Wednesday, November 1, 2006 @ 7:15pm – Parish Hall



Committee Members

       John Martin – Chair, Mark Dyer – Vice Chair, Stephen Todd, Leon Hamilton, Jim Phipps, Donna Damon, Carol White, Doug Ross, David Hill





(See Subcommittee Meeting Schedules on back)













Subcommittee Meeting Schedules



Governmental Structure     Donna Damon – Tuesday @ 7pm – Parish Hall


Finance/Budget                    David Hill – Tuesday @ 7:15pm – David Hillšs house


Education                             Carol White – Tuesday @ 7:00pm – Island School


Public Works                       Stephen Todd – Sunday @ 7:00pm – Public Safety Bldg


Land Use                             Beth Howe – contact her for details


Community Services           John Martin – contact him for details


Marine Issues                     Leon Hamilton – Tuesday @ 5:30pm – Parish Hall


Access/Transportation      Jim Phipps – contact him for details


Waste Management            Mark Dyer – contact him for details