Chebeague Island Transition Committee

Meeting Agenda


(Wednesday, January 31, 2007)

7:00 pm at the Parish House



Please make time to attend – everyone is welcome!



   1.  Approve minutes from 01/24/07

   2.  Questions and comments from the public

   3.  Public Works and Public Safety subcommittees – Recommendations for action

   4.  Old Business – Jan 28 Public Meeting – Feedback and/or comments 

                              -  Update on mechanism for tracking warrants and/or decisions

                              -  Update on Model form for a memorandum of understanding

  5.  Recommendations for action from other non-reporting subcommittees

6.  New Business

7.  Adjourn


     Next meeting – Wednesday, February 7, 2007 @ 7:00pm – Parish House

                                Land Use report – Beth Howe, Chair





Committee Members (Subcommittee assignment)

       John Martin – Chair (Community Services)

       Mark Dyer – Vice Chair (Waste Management)

       Stephen Todd (Public Works)

       Leon Hamilton (Marine Issues)

       Jim Phipps (Access/Transportation)

       Donna Damon (Governmental Structure)

       Carol White (Education)

       Doug Ross (Public Safety)

       David Hill (Finance/Budget)

       Beth Howe (Land Use)