Tuesday, March 7, 2017 - 6:00 P.M.

Chebeague Island School




1.         Call to Order                          

2.         Flag Salute

3.         Approval of Agenda

4.         Approval of Minutes for School Committee Meeting on February 16, 2017

5.         Correspondence

a.         March 14th Forum in Falmouth

6.         Public Comment

7.         Reports                                                                                  

            a.         School Committee Chair

            b.         Superintendent/Principal

      Grant Application to Cover Local Entitlement Management Costs

      Laura Summa Award from Eco Maine

      After School Art Show at Niblic

8.         Old Business                                                                                                              

a.         2017/18 School Department Budget Adoption

      Preliminary ED 279 Report

b.         CIS Pre-K to Grade 5 Math/Reading/Writing Standards

9.         New Business

a.         2015/16 School Department Audit Report Peter Hall

b.         2017/18 CIS School Calendar

c.         CIS Pre-K to Grade 5 Science and Social Studies Unit Plans

10.       Other Business

a.         Warrant #16   

11.       Enter Executive Session

            a.         Superintendent Evaluation 1 MRSA 405 (6) A

12.       Exit Executive Session and Re-enter Regular Session

13.       Adjournment