Chebeague Island School Potato Palooza

CIS Potato Poolooza was a whole school engineerng and science event on the morning of Friday, June 3.

New adventures were experienced and lots of persistence demonstrated in art, science, math, engineering and cooperative teamwork. Events like this enabled by our small school size, staff collaboration, volunteers and older students supporting younger students are always highlights of the year.

Students learned about potatoes by dressing up a student as a potato plant, complete with a supporting cast of sun, water, air, pollinator soil & space.

Stations included:

· Predicting and exploring the density of a potato with a buoyancy experiment
· Voting for their favorite way of eating a potato while creating a pattern with potato stamps.
· Playing spud
· Creating a potato car, which they later raced against one another
· Cooperatively building a foundation to support a potato
· Planting potato seeds