Monday, January 25, 2016 - 6:00 P.M.

Chebeague Island School



     1. Call to Order                         

     2.    Flag Salute

3.    Approval of Agenda

5.    Approval of Minutes for School Committee Meeting January 5, 2016        

6.    Correspondence

7.    Public Comment

8.   Reports                                                          

       a.     School Committee Chair

     Technology changes at CIS

           b.    Superintendent/Principal 

     CIS Alarm System installed

      9.   Old Business                                                                                      

           a.     Second Reading of Policies

    ACAA-R Student Discrimination and Harassment Procedure

    ACAB Harassment and Sexual Harassment of School Employees

       ACAD Hazing

  b.    2016-17 Budget

  c.    Island Institute Grant

       10.  New Business                                                                                    

           a.     First Reading of Policies

       ADAA School System Commitment to Standards for Ethical and Responsible Behavior

       EBAA Chemical Hazards

       ECB Pest Management

       EEAEAA Drug and Alcohol Testing of School Bus Drivers

       EEAEAA-R Drug and Alcohol Testing of School Bus Drivers Administrative Procedures


  b.    CIS Facility Study

     11.           Other Business

     12.           Warrant #12      

     13.           Enter Executive Session

           a.     Superintendent Evaluation 1 MRSA 405 (6) A

     14.           Exit Executive Session and Re-enter Regular Session

     15.           Adjournment