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The Furcan

The furcan is a animal that lives in the forest. It has a long feather the color of the sun that stretches along its body. The feather helps the animal keep warm at cold times in the forest. The furcan has red eyes that reflects in the light if it gets lost so its family will find it. “Wosh wosh”. The furcans fly up high trying to get food, like leaves on the very top of a tree. One thing furcans have to worry about is birds swooping down catching their babies.

“TWEET!” A bird said as he took one of the babies. The furcan flew up to try to get her back. The furcan was almost there but it missed just by a little tiny speck. Then the furcan tried again and missed. This time the furcan bonked into a tree and fell to the ground.

When it woke up it looked around and only saw the tree it ran into. It flew up again and she some red lights up in the tree. As she flew up the mother saw her baby! Furcan babies have to earn their red eyes to use them and her baby just did. That is adaptation furcans have.

The bird was afraid of their red eyes so he was gone when he saw 4 of them. When they got home she got her baby and flew back to their tree where they call home. She put her next to the tree then flew up to get some leaves.

That night was very cold. The two curled up and went to sleep. In the morning the mother furcan taught her baby how to fly. She would bring her to the top of the tree and then she flew to the right hoping her baby would fly over. The baby flapped her wings trying to get off the the tree. When she was 4 inches high she fell back on the tree. She tried again and she did it! The mother then flew a bit lower and so did the baby.

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