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It was a beautiful day in the Sahara desert. Sue, the Egarou, was sitting on the top of a hollow, bare tree. Suddenly he saw hunters! Quickly he ducked into the tree. His black, brown and white stripes camouflaged his body.The hunter looked up at the Egarou.He didn’t see Sue because he was camouflaged.

Suddenly he is hungry. He especially likes krill from the Mediterranean Sea. He flies north many miles. He dives down about twenty feet to catch krill. He is able to hold his breath for five minutes. This helps him eat lots of krill.

In the evening after a nice meal of krill, Sue went to bed in the tree.
The night was beautiful and peaceful like always. The sky is navy blue with a handful of stars poking out. There is the slightest touch of a breeze, like a blanket sliding down his body. Everything was going well until, KABOOM! A hunter shot at him! Whoosh! The bullet wizzed past Sue. “Thank God! A miss,” thought Sue.

“Now is my chance to escape,” Sue said to himself. Finally he jumped three inches in the air and spread his wings out and lifted off! As he Soared through the air, bullets whizzed past. He dodged bullets quickly. One of his talents was being able to move side to side easily. He lands in a secret hideout where his family was waiting for him. It was in a wide tree, with lots of leaves to cover them up. The branches were huge. He was just in time for dinner because his wife Alex called, “Dinnertime!” They walked over to the small wooden table. His two little children, Max and Lucy came rushing over and said, “Yay! I’m hungry!”

The End

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