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Toenail Joey

Hi! I live in a lake called Smiley Lake. I swim in it all day long. As a matter of fact I have lived in the lake all of my life. I’ve been looking for toenail clippers, but I have not succeeded as you can see. My toenails are two inches long! I have long, red eyebrows. I also need scissors. My parents always tell me that I need to cut my toenails and my eyebrows. They get mad at me for not being able to find any toenail clippers and scissors. I am about six inches tall. I’m dark blue and I have striped fins on the top of my head. I have a fluffy pink nose and a bright red smile. I spend my days lying on my back and use my fins to swim every once in awhile, when I need to.

I am so excited because my parents just left for 20 days! It is a sunny, bright July day and I decide to go the beach with my friends. 20 minutes later we are cooling off in the lake. We float on our backs and play Marco Polo until we are exhausted. All of this activity has made me hungry. I swim underwater to start looking for some fish for lunch. I see some minnows right away. They are small and silver. I use my sharp toenails as a fishing hook to catch the fish. I eat them right up and quickly look for more. After I eat about ten fish, I am full. Now I can go back to playing with my friends.

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