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Cheesy McCheesychez

Once upon a time, in a land where everything was fine, there was a creature with a horn on its head, lumpy arms and big feet! It was known as the Green Horned Cobwobble. His name was Cheesy McCheesychez. His neighborhood was green and full of tall trees and green plants and bushes. The houses were teepees made of Bobble flesh (a Bobble is a legendary creature only seen when trouble is near).

One day, Cheesey McCheesychez was striding along a street in New York City when all of a sudden he saw a fire-breathing rooster with dragon wings and a spiky shaved tail running towards him.

It spoke, squeaky and high-pitched: “Cheesy McCheesychez, you are in deep chocolate gravy pudding!” he sounded like that mutated pug that went around taking everything that was purple.

“Oh no!” Cheesy screamed in fear. “Not chocolate gravy pudding!” He ran in front of a bush nearby. He knew that since he was green, he could camouflage with anything green. But then the deformed rooster’s tail blasted a bright light right on Cheesy and he was discovered. Cheesy ran to a tree and jumped from one branch to another with his super flexible legs and kept going higher and higher.

Then with all his might, he leaped off the branch and he was on the mutated chicken. He rammed into it with his pointy sharp horn, and got it right in the rooster’s wing. Now the weird animal couldn’t fly … but he was still up and running!

Cheesy surprised himself by doing something that he had never done in his life. He started to hit the deformed rooster back and forth with his lumpy arms, bruising the enemy. He kept doing this until his opponent finally fell down!
“All in a days work for Cheesy McCheesychez!”He exclaimed. He looked down at the bedraggled rooster. “I hope you’ve learned your lesson, rooster. “Never mess with Green-Horned Cobwobbles in New York City.”

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