CIS News - March 2015

Pre-K Report
by Logan

I recently interviewed the Pre-K Class. At the time they were learning the science of snow and symmetry. They were also sorting fruits from vegetables, and retelling the story of Stone Soup. A lot is going on for a small class. I think Ms. Nancy’s class is most productive, I also think that everything in their class is learning. I asked the Pre-K what their favorite activity was.

Savannah - art
Riley - books and art,
Esme - art and the water squeeze transfer

A few days later, I interviewed the Pre-K with Cooper. We did a circle with the Pre-K and practiced sorting and counting. We pretended we were dust bits turning into snowflakes. It was a lot of fun!

K-2 Class News
by Wyatt and Kyla

pelletThe K-2 Class made owl pictures. They have been learning about owls in school. They have gone searching for birds with Beverly. They made a movie with Beverly about owls. Beverly helps out with lots of bird activities at school.

Recently they celebrated the 100th day of school and made 100th day crowns with 100 colored dots on their crowns. Each student brought in a collection of 100 different objects like rocks, beads or football cards. At the end of the day they played a game with some of these items.pellet2




The K-2 Class, along with the rest of the school had a special event called Owl Palooza. Students made crafts in Mrs. Hoidal’s room. They made owl puppets and owl hats. They played games in the gym that involved prey and predators. A predator is an animal that eats others and prey is what is being eaten. Students dissected owl pellets and found interesting bones and fur. Skulls, backbones and leg bones were all found! It was a fun event!

hats hat




3-5 Class News
by Zack and Caleb

zach caleb

At Chebeague Island School we are so lucky to have the best cook in Maine, Mrs. Summa. She can cook anything in the world and it is amazing. We have the best techpizza in the world every Friday. She can cook lots of things, from Green Eggs and Ham to her homemade mac and cheese.
We have partners for Lego Robotics. We build and program robots made out of Legos. Our robots can even hit a red or blue ball and can be taught to follow a black line. They can sense dark things to stop or move at. Both Laurie and Meredith help out with Lego Robotics on Fridays. It’s a lot of fun!

Tech Club
At Tech Club we make stop action videos, We use the green screen to put a background around us. We have a great tech teacher Beverly. She has taught us how to do Google Docs. In Google Docs you can do projects and research for school. It is much better than using Safari. We often share our videos after we make them.



Island News
by Joquin and Raven

Elias Rich’s Geography Bee Win!!!

eliasGeography wiz Elias Rich won his school’s geography bee on January 21, 2015.
We asked him some questions about the bee.

“What were some questions you had to answer?”
Elias said, “Some of them were like, ‘Which state borders the Ohio River?’. Some were hard but some were really easy.”

“When did you become interested in geography and why?”
Elias said, “Near first grade. I became interested in geography because when I was little I had nothing to do, so I just looked at a map and found some really interesting stuff, so I started learning a lot about geography. There
was lots of stuff I didn’t know that I found out.”

“Where would you like to visit the most?”
Elias said, “Japan or maybe Israel. I’ve always been interested in those places more than any other place. Japan is where I want to go the very most.”

Where have you been already?
“I’ve only been to Florida. It was really fun. It was very hot and loud but still

“When are you going to the state competition?”
“I’m going on March 27,2015.”

Good luck Elias!


Person of the Month - Althea
by Henry and Jack

Althea Dugliss was born in Japan when her father was a professor at a Japanese school. She grew up in California, coming to Maine in the summer and when she was home moved from one school to the next. In Althea’s high school years, Lynn Searle was her favorite teacher. Lynn was a junior English teacher when Althea was in high school. She went to Mount Holyoke College, a woman’s college in Massachusetts. She was also an English teacher in Bangor. Then she got married and moved to Chebeague and became an executive assistant at L.L. Bean. She then had Henry Hall and stopped working for four years and she became a secretary at the Chebeague Island School. She has had many cats, such as Panther and Sasquatch and Maddy. Now she has 5 chickens that live in their barn. She loves to sail. Her graduate school was interrupted when she developed stage two breast cancer.

Kitchen News
Outdoor Shelter & Pizza Oven
by Haley and Gemma

ovenThe Chebeague Island Community Association received grant money from the Maine Community Foundation and from Maine Agriculture in the Classroom for the funding of our school’s outdoor shelter ( as well as the pizza oven.) Volunteers provided the labor including many community members.
Much of the building was done by Geoff Summa and Bob Earnest. The materials were purchased from Hammond Lumber and included rough cut cedar and trusses from a company in southern Maine. There is also a metal roof, and a lot of fasteners. People on the island thought that it would be great for the kids to have a covered shelter as an outdoor classroom and lunch room, and a place where pizza could be prepared in all weather. You can fit 2 pizzas in the pizza oven. To prepare the oven you must put some firewood in the oven and and keep the oven on for 3 hours. It takes 2 minutes to cook a pizza.


Mrs. Summa’s Famous Chocolate Cupcakes

1/3 cup butter
1 cup sugar

1 egg
1 tsp vanilla


11/3 cup flour
1 tsp salt
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp baking powder

In a separate bowl, MIX:
6 tbsp cocoa
4 tbsp oil ( vegetable or canola)
1 cup of boiling water

Then ADD to flour/cream mixture and blend or about 4 minutes on high speed.

Bake at 350 for 25 minutes in bundt pan or 12 minutes cupcake tins.