Road Safety Workshop

Summary of Proceedings

40 attendees

angela1. Angela King from the Bicycle Coalition of Maine gave a good talk on bicycle, pedestrian and motor vehicle safety:

A. Bicycle Safety

· Rules of the Road – use hand signals before turning – left arm out for left turn, right arm for right turn, left arm down to signal a stop.
· Stay as far as practicable to the right side of the road; yield to walkers.
· If under16, state law is a helmet must be worn, although they are urged for all bicyclists. Helmet should be the correct size and worn level, visor two fingers above eyebrows; strap not too loose or tight.
· White light in front for night use; red light in back.
· Before use check tires (fully inflated), brakes, gears, and chain not loose and turning smoothly.
· Pass parked cars with caution as left door might be opened as you approach. Very dangerous.
· Wear bright clothing; reflective material on clothing and footgear.
· Be alert at all times.

B. Pedestrian Safety

· Stay to the left side of the road.
· Move as far left as possible when motor vehicles are approaching.
· Bright Clothing.
· Yield to bicycles and motor vehicles before crossing.
· Be predictable (bikers too).
· Be alert at all times.

C. Motor Vehicle Safety

· Remain three feet away from bikers when passing.
· Yield if anyone crossing.
· Do not pass until safe.
· Drive at the safest speed for the conditions not the speed limit.
· Use turn signals. Keep them, brakes and brake lights in good repair.
· Observe and obey all signs.
· When parked, do not open left door if bikers about to pass.
· 37,461 people were killed in car crashes in 2016; usual cause speeding.

D. Bring above messages to Chebeague visitors.

2. Results of Survey Monkey:

· Top suggestions in order –Better Law Enforcement, Policing Stone Wharf at boat arrivals and departures, Education, and Reduced Speed Limits

· 140 multiple-choice responses to Survey Monkey suggests Chebeaguers are very interested in road safety.

· 77 additional comments were added to reinforce and elaborate on the respondents’ multiple-choice answers; in addition to the primary responses above, many islanders suggested ways to disseminate educational materials and many commented that they did not wish for additional regulations or signage.

3. Nine-minute video (Bike Safe; Bike Smart) Aimed at kids. Clear explanations of all bike safety laws and tips.

4. Paste-ups. Attendee comments posted on the walls:

Get professional assistance on speed limits and signage.
More signs.
Educate summer visitors.
Fliers on bike safety, traffic laws, courtesy.
Find out what other islands have learned.
Individuals should speak up to offenders. Courteously.
Meet with Deputy Sheriff. Discuss concerns.
Our behavior – drive slowly.
Have CTC and CBL distribute handouts.
Rec, Inn and Landlords should distribute information.
Summer bike clinics.
Selectmen must make safety a priority.
Enforce laws.Change anti-law culture.

5. Lengthy Q&A

Many excellent suggestions. Several said education should be our number one priority



Road Safety Committee – Kevin Calder, Wayne Dyer, Janna Hobbs, Eldon Mayer, Peter Rice, Ariette Scott