The Recompense Fund opens new doors to off-island resources for Chebeague  nonprofits, the School and Town committees.  Last night at the School the Recompense Fund welcomed participants from Chebeague nonprofits, the School and Town committees to learn about locating, accessing and bringing in new financial support, not just grants from the Recompense Fund. Leila Bisharat, the Chair of the Recompense Fund, introduced Lelia DeAndrade, the Senior Director of Grantmaking Services at the Maine Community Foundation. DeAndrade mapped out the large array of resources available in Maine from foundations and corporations, and how to access them. 


You can find her tips on the Recompense Fund website, under the tab “Apply for a Grant”.  The Recompense Fund is dedicated to sustaining Chebeague as a year-round community through support to its nonprofits.  Its grants are substantial, compared to other donors, but the Fund is also promoting ways “to make the pie larger” for everyone, reducing dependency on our small community for funding.