The Recompense Fund


Chebeague’s community fund dedicated to sustaining our year-round island community through support to its nonprofit organizations



Announces its 2017 Grant Cycle


The Recompense Fund looks forward to receiving proposals this year from Chebeague’s nonprofit organizations that bring forward new ideas for sustaining their functions in support of our island as a year-round vibrant community. 


Thanks to the generosity of the fund’s donors, the Recompense Fund is in a position to make awards similar to last year, or greater.  Awards are dependent on how relevant, persuasive and feasible the applicant’s ideas are.


Š      Applications are due no later than May 31st, 2017.


Š      Any interested applicant may attend a workshop on March 15th from 5:30-7:30 at the Chebeague Island School led by Lelia DeAndrade from the Maine Community Foundation. DeAndrade will go through the steps to writing a persuasive proposal and will share other grant opportunities beyond the Recompense Fund available to Chebeague nonprofits.  Supper will be served.


Š      On July 6th applicants may make a brief presentation of their ideas to the public and the Recompense Fund Board.  The presentations will be from 5:30-7:30 upstairs at the Niblic.   Everyone is welcome. Refreshments will be served.


Š      On August 6th grantees will receive their awards at a Community Picnic on the Chebeague Island School’s grounds. Pizza will be served. All are welcome.



In 2016 The Recompense Fund Board awarded 10 grants totaling $44,860.  The largest, to the Island Commons, was for $16,000 toward the purchase of a wheelchair-assisted van.   The smallest was for $250 in support of an art program at the Chebeague Island School, “Gallery for a Day”. 


Applications are available online at  The Recompense Fund’s board members are ready to answer questions about the process from all those interested, whether applicants or donors. At the top of the Recompensefund website click on Apply for Grants or click here.

You will find attached the four files; two are MS Word documents and two are PDFs. Just choose the one that works for you. Some people like to use MS Word and some PDF documents.

One version of the application does not include a budget table (look for “npb”—no project budget). You can use this version if your proposal does not include expenditures on consultants, contractors or large capital items.



The Recompense Fund is dedicated exclusively to Chebeague.  Its board serves as an advisory committee to the Maine Community Foundation, which administers the fund.


The Recompense Fund Board: Leila Bisharat, Elaine Clark, Justin Doughty, Kim Hamilton, Beverly Johnson, Betts Mayer, Manny Morgan, Ralph Munroe, Gary Ross, Scott Searway, Laura Summa, Jim Van Fleet, Linda White.