Components of Culture

Components of Culture - are simply parts (ingredients, items, pieces, features) that make up a culture. These components look different in each culture.

There are different way to break down the components of culture - below is one way.

1. Survival
a. food - edible source of energy
b. clothing - protective covering for the body
c. defense - tools and strategies used to protect people from threats
d. shelter - structure used to protect people and their belongings

2. Education - the way people in a culture learn what they need to know in order to be successful in their culture

3. Transportation - the way a culture gets people and goods from one place to another

4. Communication - the way a culture shares ideas and messages

5. Economy - the way people in a culture get what they need and want

6. Technology - manmade tools that make life easier

7. Social Structure - who is considered important in a culture and who isn't

8. Beliefs and Traditions - the ideas a culture believes in and the way they celebrate those beliefs

9. Rules and Regulations - the rules that maintain order in a culture and the structure that maintains those rules

10. Arts & Recreation - the way a culture spends its spare time and expresses itself creatively