Letter from the Post Office October 23, 2012.

Click here for the Post Office Survey results presented at a meeting October 16th.

SAVE OUR POST OFFICE: Yesterday (9/13/12) we received in the mail a letter and a survey asking us which option we would choose for our post office here on Chebeague. These have been sent out after most seasonal residents have left the island. Their options do not include leaving it alone. The best advice we have been given is to select the most preferable one and then make comments below as to what you think. They are not taking into account that we are on an island and can't just drive down the road to another post office. This is important to send back before October 2, 2012 and they have scheduled a meeting at the Post Office Lobby (I can imagine all of us in that lobby) for Tuesday, October 16 at 6pm. I am hoping everyone on the island and those who are away will print the linked notice and send it in. They will only accept one survey from each address. CLICK HERE FOR THE LETTER AND SURVEY.