by Clay Hawks

Peace is an idea.
Peace is a state of mind.
Peace is loving yourself and your fellow man,
No matter what kind.

Peace is the soft whisper
Of the breeze in the spring.
Peace is the sound of falling snow
That winter-time brings.

Peace is getting along with your brother, your sister --
The people you know.
Peace is respecting the rights of
People you don't know.

When people think of Peace
They often think of people and nations far away
But peace begins with you and me
Right here, today.

If you care about Peace,
And you're willing to take a stand,
Don't let others sway that opinion
But on the other hand,

Don't close your mind
To that which is possible.
Listen to your fellow man
And know that his opinion is as important to him.

And know that only
By working together can we make Peace;
For you and me and all on this earth
Live on the same planet; It's ours to keep.