Madison Wentling (Wentworth)1998- 2012 island golden retriever died today with her beloved owner Polly by her side. She was loved by everyone who came across her. From road trips across the country with Polly to trips to the store getting treats from all. Madison enjoyed her work at the commons for many years until she lost her hearing and was not safe to get out of everyone's way. Her favorite past times were playing on the beach, swimming ( which Polly taught her at a young age in Montana), recovering any and all lost tennis balls all over Chebeague, and most of all loving most everyone. She only growled one time and it was totally warranted.

Once the twins came along,only a year after the puppy did, Madison started to keep to herself more and more. The tennis balls were set aside this past year and she enjoyed watching everyone drive by the house all summer. Life has been quiet and today she had her favorite treats for the last time.

Kramer (the cat), Kevin, tigger (another cat), sofi (the other dog), Alden and Olivia were all welcome to this amazingly loving girl. She loved them all and will be missed terribly. Please feel free to share some of your memories with anyone in her family, which is large and encompasses the whole island.

Thank you for loving her
The Wentworth Family

Polly Wentworth

Madison (right) along with Sofi back in January