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Chebeague School

Kid's Place Fundraiser

To contact me, Beverly Johnson : bjohnson @chebeague.net. ---------BIRDS OF CHEBEAGUE - Latest Video Migratory Birds of Chebeague

CLICK HERE FOR WEATHER or go to the BOAT YARD WEBCAM   (click on webcam) and see for yourself!

Photo - People complain about the snow and weather but at our school the students have been having a blast and love their recess. Penny took this photo March 4th just before lunch.

March 5, 2015 - Island Institute Scholars Internships: These internships are available for rising high school seniors to students who have just graduated from college. Students must be Island Scholars—which means they must have received or plan to apply for a college scholarship from the Island Institute Maine Island Scholarship Fund. Applications are due April 15th 2015. Please email jmaher@islandinstitute.org for more information and applications. Click here to see all the fantastic opportunities on Chebeague and other Islands.

SAP FULL MOON WALK- The moon rose but it was too cloudy to see it and we had a fun brisk walk along the beach and through to the Roses Point Road and back to the Boat Yard. Eight fun loving students and seven happy adults! Maybe next month we will see the moon. Click here to see a couple of photos by Jon Rich and Nancy Earnest.

Congratulations to 8th grader Elias Rich who has now moved into the next level of the National Geographic Bee. Click here to learn more about this exciting program!

Click here for February's Pre-K Newsletter from Miss Nancy.

March Full Moon walk tonight at 5:40 at the Boat Yard.

March 4, 2015 - Photo - Photo of a Barred Owl taken March 1st over Burgess's bird feeders. The Barred Owls are having a very bad winter and right now there are 18 being taken care of at Avian Haven. One Barred Owl was found dead on the island by Nancy Earnest and she took it to Audobon who reported that it probably starved. Click here for another photo of this bird and here for another. Please don't use d-con, especially the new stronger 2nd generation type - click here to see.

The link to Josephine's Obit is up now and I have added a paragraph that I had previously omitted.

March 3 2015 - Tomorrow's soups are: Vegetarian -- 15 bean soup
Non vegetarian -- 15 bean soup with ham

Don't miss out on CRC's $99 annual fitness pass special for the month of March. Come on in and check out our new Cybex equipment too. Pass holders can request a code to enter the building outside of business hours, but please stay safe and bring a buddy! Check our website for details on the many programs we are offering including personal training sessions with Brian Phipps. He has flexible hours and can meet with you morning, noon or evening; 846-5068 or crc@chebeague.net. Our March Kettlebell schedule is also out. Click here to print it out.

And, Caroline's art night was a huge success and a ton of fun. She is working on planning another fun evening so stay tuned for details.

March 2, 2015 - Congratulations to the fifth grade girls Falmouth Travel Basketball team won the league championship on Sunday, March 1 in Yarmouth. Whitney Adams, grand daughter of Mike Robinson and Lee Ann Robinson was one of the team members.

School Committee Meeting tomorrow night at the school 6pm see agenda.

Pair of royal blue LLBean gloves found by the Tennis court - call Sam at 846-4467 if you lost them.

We will be having another Full March Moon Walk this Thursday meeting at the Boat Yard at 5:40pm. Friday is a backup date to meet at 6:40. The weather report sounds like we may even see the moon!

February 28, 2015 - Photo - Photo taken in 1978! The top photo shows the boat Chesuncook that took us back and forth all winter. It is now at the Boat Yard. Jen Belesca is standing next to the car that Beth Wiles is sitting in. The bottom picture is at the buoy and left to right are Cheryl and Don Buxbaum, Doug Ross, Jennette Hamilton, Rose Bradshaw, Jason Hamilton on the Buoy and David Stevens. Click here to see a photo from 1918 with Roy Hill's son Freeland on the ice in front of Crow Island. (photos from Doug Ross and Joan Robinson)

Today is a Selectmen's Public Budget Workshop at the Hall, 9am.

February 27, 2015 - PLEASE TAKE SURVEY: The Chebeague United Methodist Church is looking to the future and finding ways to be of greater relevance and support to the island community. We invite island residents and others with island ties to take a survey that will help us discern future directions. There are copies of the survey in the library and the Island Market (after this Thursday), and you may also complete the survey on-line. The link is Take CUMC Survey. Your responses are very important to us. Thank you for helping us with your comments and suggestions.

February 26, 2015 - The students celebrated Chinese New Year today at the Chebeague Island School. Mrs. Summa prepared pot stickers, pork, rice, stir-fried veggies, fruit, tea, and fortune cookies. The students even ate with chopsticks. The Pre-K class also performed with their Chinese Dragon. It was a fabulous celebration. Happy Chinese New Year! I was sad because I was away today but fortunately Laurie Hegarty is becoming a professional film maker with iMovie - click here to see what the fun lunch can be at the Chebeague School!

A Snowy Owl was back at the Hook yesterday after being gone for three weeks. Kevin Wentworth took some unbelievably great photos he has shared on his Facebook. Click here for one flying, here for one sitting on the float and click here for one with the lobster trap.

February 25, 2015 - For those who use facebook a new site has been established called Chebeague Island swap, sell or borrow. Helping out our community.

Bill Calthorpe got some beautiful photos of an Immature Bald Eagle - click here and here to see them.

February 24, 2015 - SAVE THE DATE : Chebeague Island School Talent Show, Saturday April 25, 2015 at the Hall.
Proceeds to fund the end-of-year school field trip. Student and Adult acts welcome. Contact Laurie Hegarty about getting into the show, mainehegartyfamily@gmail.com or text/call 207-420-7171.

Sew Good will meet tomorrow, Wednesday, February 25 at the Parish House. Bring a project to sew; or come join us as we make St. Pat's napkins for the Commons & placemats. We start around 10 & go to the last person leaves. Lunch is at the Hall or bring your own & if enough sewers are about a potluck @5:30.

February 23, 2015 - ?Wednesday's Soups for the Hall are: Vegetarian: Asian Mushroom Noodle Soup and Non-Vegetarian: Sweet Potato, Chicken Barley.

School Committee Meeting, Tuesday, February 24, 6pm at the school - see agenda.

The selectmen will hold a meeting on Wed. Feb 25 at 6 PM at the Hall to receive public input re: what the community is looking for in a Town Administrator. This is your chance to share your ideas about how the job should be structured and how the position should interact with the Selectmen and employees, duties etc. The discussion will start at 6 sharp. The Board will go into its regular agenda after the discussion. Don't be late if you want to share your ideas!If you can't make it call or write to one of the Selectmen to give input.

To view the March CTC Newsletter, click here.

I just received and phony email from apple telling me that my icloud/iTunes account was in jeopardy - do not click on the links - not sure what would happen and after going online people said they will ask for your social security number. The email I received had come from a European email address. It looked kinda real but I'm sure it wasn't!

February 22, 2015 - Photo - Photo of the Glorianna (school boat) c. 1968. 7-12 graders from Chebeague travelled through the ice in this wooden boat and did it for more than 20 years! Sometimes the students walked on the ice to get to the boat; sometimes students were stuck in the ice, the captain couldn’t reach the coast guard and the only option was to off load the students at the Fishermen’s Wharf at Chandlers. When it got really bad students commuted to school via CBL and a bus to Cumberland for weeks at a time. The boys travelled in the area with canvas sides with only a coal stove for heat. The girls travelled in the cabin which had a heater because they had to wear skirts! So if you have heard some folks downplaying this winter’s ice it is probably because they travelled on this wooden boat when conditions were much more extreme!

Craft Sunday at the Hall, 2-5, come and go when you like. Children 10 and over welcome, accompanied by an adult.

The students in grades 3-5 at the Chebeague Island School have been building robots, complete with eye sensors, sound detection sensors, light sensors and more. They are learning how to program the sensors to work together and move around the school by following a black line on the hall floor. The students try to challenge themselves by building courses, some with ramps and curves, and then, they have to figure out how to program the robot around the course. The students are also learning how to troubleshoot and to work together by sharing ideas on how to solve problems. Its amazing how far they have come in such a short amount of time! Click here to see them working on their robots, programs and having fun. Thank you again to Laurie Hegarty and the Perloffs for making this happen. Video created by Laurie and son Jack.

February 21, 2015 - Thanks to the volunteers and kids who got more the $2500 in pledges for the Teen Center! The gameathon was a great success! Special thanks to Virgina for her help with the games! Chicken Run was a ton of fun! Please help the kids collect their pledges by March 15! Thanks! Click here to see a few photos from them.

The Chili, Chowder and Soup Challenge was lots of fun with lots of entries. Thank you to all the cooks, servers, organizers, cleanups and more! The winners were SOUP: Donna Damon - 1st place, The Chebeague Inn - 2nd place, Jennifer Belesca - 3rd Place....CHILI: Bev Johnson - 1st Place, Vickie Todd - 2nd Place, Julie Doughty - 3rd Place... CHOWDER: Donna Damon - 1st Place, Jade Morlock - 2nd Place, Cindy Riddle - 3rd Place.

Polar Plunge postponed but the Chili, Chowder and Soup Challenge is still on - see you all there!

Message from MaryJane: "Polar Plunge cancelled, chili/chowdah all gone, but you still want to plunge into a great breakfast on a "chili" morning? Join us at the Parish House at 9:00 am Sunday morning for the last of our February breakfasts. Stay for church at 10:00 if you like.

February 20, 2015 - Photo - by Allyson Smith of Uncle Jack's Ledges East End on morning of Feb 20, 2015. Uncle Jack was John Hamilton who used to own the whole East End and lived in the Gwillim house. Thank you Donna Damon who can tell you all the relatives and dates.

The Chili, Chowder and Soup Challenge is tomorrow at noon and it will be a great time for everyone and especially me because we have decided to postpone the Polar Plunge - date and time to be announced. We have had the polar plunge every year since 1998 and in 2004 we moved it from Bennetts because there was too much ice there! We have never had this much ice at the Boat Yard and when I looked back at all the plunges the beach was ice free. Now I can work on my Chili and not be chilly - ha ha. Maybe also we can round up some more plungers and collect more donations. I have actually had people offer me a donation not to do the plunge! Please contact crc if you are able to make a chili, chowder and soup. The other plungers who are scheduled to do the plunge so far are Laura Hamilton, Caroline Loder, and Caitlin Gerber so please contact me or the CRC if you want to join us when it happens. Click here to see a youtube of the site where it would have happened.

Lost: a bag of groceries on Wednesday afternoon school boat time with a roast pork, steak, red hotdogs, chicken, cold cuts and cheese. If found and put away by mistake please contact Arlene Dyer 846-3348.

February 19, 2015 - The Board of Selectmen’s Budget Workshop originally scheduled for Saturday, February 21, has been postponed to February 28, 9:00 AM, at the Island Hall.

Today on the North Road there were two pileated woodpeckers who I have seen there a few times in the last week on the trees across and up from Victoria's house. Click here, and here, and here for photos. The male is on the left and the female on the right.

February 18, 2015 - The Winter Carnival is just a few days away and we need plungers! So far Beverly Johnson, Laura Hamilton, Caroline Loder and Caitlin Gerber are the brave soul's willing to jump into the icy bay to raise money for CRC. Are you brave enough to take the plunge? Sign up today and get pledges to help support the Rec Center.

So far we have one team, The Wentworth's, signed up for the snow sculpture contest. They are busy making snow art right in their yard. Your sculpture can be anywhere…your house, the Golf Course, the Rec parking lot…where ever you choose. Make sure you let CRC know where yours will be so we know where to send our judges. Winner will be announced at the Chili, Chowder, Soup Challenge.

There are still a few spots left for chili, chowder and soup entries. Let us know what you would like to make and we will add you to the ballot. We have lots of great prizes this year,

The teens have been working hard to raise money for teen center too. Friday night at CRC, they will be participating in the game-a-thon in the gym. If you haven't already done so, please consider pledging a "plunger" or "gamer" today!!

CTC is looking for photos from the launching of the Islander in 1985. If anybody has photos of the launch or the boat from her early days, we’d love to make copies. Please email Susan Stranahan at sstranahan@chebeague.net, call her at 846-9378, or drop them off at the CTC office (with your name so we can return them).

The other day we were watching the Antique Road Show and there, one of the experts was Kelley Wright! Click here and about 41 minutes into the show you can see him talking about a lamp. I hope he gets back for the polar plunge that he and his children have been doing almost every year! (Kelley is Misa's husband and the son-n-law of Leila and Suhail)

February 17, 2015 - Back in 2011 the students interviewed islanders and asked questions about the weather for a video they were doing for the Island Institute Storms (Students and Teachers Observing and Recording Meteorological Systems) Click here to see the video - the discussion of the bay freezing over starts at about 4 minutes into the video.

February 16, 2015 - Photo - sent by Carol Sabasteanski of the CTC boat trudging through the ice on February 16th..

The COMMUNITY LUNCHEON is this Wednesday (February 18) at the Hall. This month's lunch is sponsored by Island Electric, and Kim has asked for a turkey dinner with all the trimmings. The Hall cooks are happy to oblige and grateful for Island Electric's steadfast support of the Hall. As always, a $5 donation is suggested. If you or your company would like to sponsor a Community Lunch, there are still a few open spots. Stop in at the kitchen and talk with Ruth or Mabel. Thank you, and see you on Wednesday!

The Chebeague Island School’s 3rd-5th grade class would like to thank everyone that supported the end of year class trip through the “Sweets for your Sweetie” fundraiser. Over 70 valentines were delivered! Each box and card were handcrafted by the class and each delivery made by a smiling student! Needless to say it was huge success that warmed the hearts of many Islanders. Remember us for next year, we already have it on the agenda!
Special thanks to Mrs. Summa for spending late nights making her famous fudge and chocolate dipped shortbread cookies, to Shaw’s supermarket for their monetary donation and for Hannaford donating four dozen roses!
Sincerely, CIS 3rd-5th grade class.

NEWS FLASH! Message from CTC: Channel 8 News has been on the island this afternoon (2/16) to report on the conditions with the ice. There will be a report on Channel 8 News at their 5PM and 6PM broadcast.

I can't believe I said yes again to taking the plunge and so far I only know of one other person (Laura Hamilton) so please let me know so I can add your name and people could send pledges to the Rec to sponsor those foolish few like me!

The Winter Carnival is on for the 21st starting with the Polar Plunge at CIBY Noon. Take the plunge and help raise money for CRC. Let us know if you're going to plunge so we can add you to the list. We also have a few more spots for chili, chowder and soup entries. Enter your best recipe and win one of our awesome gift certificates. Prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each category.

We've decided to make the best of all this snow are bringing back the SCULPTURE CONTEST! Get your team together, pick a snow bank and give us a call. Prize awarded to the best sculpture.

We have been unable to secure a band for the 21st so will not be having live music at the hall:( We hope to reschedule in the coming months so stay tuned...

School Committee Meeting tomorrow, 6 pm, at the school - see agenda.

February 15, 2015 - The expected storm didn't do much on Chebeague except give us a little wind and only a few inches of snow. Captain Kevin has made a wonderful video about ICE and the CTC and ICE - click here!

The CTC office has a new email address. Please update your contact list to chebeaguetrans@gmail.com. We will continue to check ctc@chebeague.net during the transition.

February 14, 2015 - Message from CTC:
Bus service is cancelled tonight (2/14) for the 9:15 PM and 10:30 PM ferries. Route One customers should park at Cousins Island. Please carpool if possible. Both ferry and bus service are cancelled tomorrow 2/15. Normal operations will resume on Monday 2/16.


STORM WARNING from the Town of Chebeague.

Transfer Station will be closed Feb 15, 2015.

February 13, 2015 - Message from CTC: Given current forecasts, customers should anticipate that the bus service will be cancelled after the 8:15PM ferry on Saturday night and that both bus and ferry service will be cancelled on Sunday. We will provide updates as needed.

The lost and found at the Community Center/Hall is OVERFLOWING with dishes and coats and hats and umbrellas and more! Please come and retrieve your missing items by Friday, February 20th. The items are located on the table by the bathrooms - click here to see some of the items.

NO CHURCH on Sunday 2/15! Because of the predicted blizzard conditions on Sunday morning, the breakfast and worship in the Parish House are cancelled. Please join us on 2/22 (if there's no storm).

A reminder that Ash Wednesday is February 18, beginning the season of Lent. If you would like to receive ashes, you may come to the church between 12 noon and 2:00 pm (weather permitting).

February 11, 2015 - Click here for the latest Portland Press Herald story showing Kevins' time lapse video going through the ice. Click here to go directly to Kevin's youtube.

Don't forget SWEETS FOR YOUR SWEETIE get your order into the school - althea.dugliss@chebeague.k12.me.us - to see the order form click here.

February 10, 2015 - The Soup for tomorrow is Red Bean and Rice and the vegetarian is Vegetable Chowder with Cheese

February 9, 2015 - No School on Chebeague today and the snow is accumulating!

Click here for an article in the Bangor Daily News about phone scammers and your computer! Remember if you get a call about your computer - hang up - unless it is from me or David and we wouldn't have to call you anyway.

February 8, 2015 - Photo - of deer coming up a side street on Chebeague Feb 8, 2015.

Another snow storm is upon us - where is it all going to go?

As most everyone knows by now Mary Gomez had to have her right arm and shoulder amputated because of cancer and has recently been able to get back home on Chebeague. She has been so thankful for Ginny Ballard, Arlene Dyer, Nancy Hill and others for helping her be able to be at home with her son Anthony who also is ill. People have asked me about the bathroom fund and it is still online. She asked me if I would put the following note on my website:

Message from Mary Gomez: "I want to thank everyone who contributed to the fund for my bathroom. This was such a big surprize for me as my granddaughter knew how much work was needed to be done and took upon herself to start the fund. Now, if it ever stops snowing we will be able to get the work started. Thanks again to the Chebeague Community near and far and it means so much to me!"

February 6, 2015 - Today is a beautiful day giving us a chance to clear away all the snow from roofs and driveways and walks to make room for the storms coming Sunday and next week. Yesterday I did another drive with my go-pro in the window on the way to the school during the snow storm and then when I left to a long drive around. I had trouble getting it on youtube so changed the quality a little and it went on today click here to see a 25 minute drive down to 12 1/2minutes.

Casco Bay Island Development Association announces its 2015 grant program. Click here to learn more and get the application.

February 5, 2015 - I am happy to report that John Howard's cat Holly finally was found and is home where she belongs. She has been seen as far as Deer Point, the Hook and ended up in Lindy and Allyson's barn. They have been feeding her for the last week and John was able to get her.

I have just added John W. Paynter's information on the Chebeague Business page. He now owns the Howard House on John Small Road and is an Antique Clock repairer and restorer. He is excited to offer antique clock repair and sales on Chebeague as he is spending lots of time here now.

Don't forget that now on Sundays at the Hall is is craft day at the Hall from 2 to 5. ANY “PORTABLE” CRAFT (i.e. knitting, crocheting, embroidery, small loom weaving, no loom weaving, braiding, hooking,  you name it, if you can get it there, it is probably acceptable) Come learn or improve your skills in a craft, or teach someone else a craft, or just enjoy the company. Hope to see you there. FMYI call Ruth Slagle at 846-6345 All ages welcome. Children under 12 must be accompanied by an Adult.

THINK SPRING!! Chebeague Cares is accepting applications for IN-HOME CARE SERVICES for spring/summer 2015. We are anticipating a busy season and want to meet all your needs. If you or a loved one needs help with meal prep, housekeeping, medication reminders, personal care, on-island transportation or companionship, please Contact Amy or Randi at 846-5610 OR COMPLETE THIS INQUIRY FORM.(as a pdf) (as a docx)

SWEETS FOR YOUR SWEETIE!! Click here to see how you can give a wonderful Valentine gift to people in your life! This is another way for our 3-5 class to raise funds for their end of the year trip!

The Chebeague Parent's Association and the Chebeague Island School's 3-5 class would like to thank everyone for their support on Super Bowl Sunday. We had a wonderful turn out. We hope you enjoyed the pizza. It was a great kick start for funding the end-of-year school field trip to Acadia. A BIG thank you to Laura Summa for her pizza perfection and Bob Earnest for his expert wood fired pizza oven cooking. We would also like to thank Caroline Loder for the fabulous poster, Sidra Nasir for helping with the drive-up, and Micucci's Wholesale Foods for all the pizza making products. Thanks to all for making this a success.

The Full Moon Walk last night was a blast. We never did see the moon but after Nancy read a short poem about the February "Snow" Moon about 17 of us walked along the beach from the Boat Yard to the point and then most of us walked on a trail that Nancy Earnest had walked on a few times over to Roses Point Road, down the road and back to the Boat Yard. It was fun as we tried not to sink in and we all loved walking in the dark (we never did see the moon but it probably gave us a little light through the clouds). We would like to make this a regular event and maybe the March Full Moon will be visible.

I got a great photo of the moon from Ken Pelton taken on Feb 1st when the moon was visible - click here to see.

February 4, 2015 - Photo - taken by Suzanne Rugh on the morning of February 4th.

The Full Moon Walk is still on for tonight - yesterday it was perfect but too many other things happening. Hope to see you at the Boat Yard at 5:45.

Teen Center Outing for Feb vacation!! We are planning a trip to the trampoline park, Get Air on Wed Feb. 18. Call and sign up now to save your spot!!! $25 includes 2 hours of bouncing, "grippy" socks (required) and lunch, if you throw up you go on the naughty list early this year!

February 3, 2015 - Pre-K Newsletter from Miss Nancy's class - click here.

Tomorrow's soup is Jacob's cattle Bean with Bacon and sage and the vegetarian is: Portugese Kale with Vegetarian Andouille and Kielbasa! (made with veggie sausages)

Please note all the great things the rec is doing and it looks like I will also be making a chili and getting quite chilly by taking the plunge again! Maybe next year I will go to Florida and escape. Let me know if you are plunging and I will post on the site.

CRC has a variety of fitness program for adults. Not only do we have awesome new fitness equipment but we also have a new Personal Trainer, Bellyfit and Kettlebell classes available. Check out the Adult Program link on our website. Youth programs include after school sports on Tuesdays, Tae Kwon Do on Wednesdays, Basketball on Thursdays, Crafts on Fridays, Teen Center on Fridays and Saturdays and the Kids Place offers programs whenever there is a need. Call CRC or visit our website for details.

We hope you all have your calendars marked for our WINTER CARNIVAL on February 21st. Will you take the plunge? Will your entry win the chili, chowder, soup challenge? There's plenty of room for brave souls that are willing to jump into the icy water of Casco Bay and help raise money to benefit CRC. We also still have spots available for chili/chowder/soup challenge entries. Call or email today for more information.

AND, the Teens are getting excited for their annual fundraiser that will be happening in the CRC gym on Friday, February 20th. You may be receiving calls, if you haven't already, and we hope you will consider sponsoring a teen for the "game-a-thon" this year and help support our teen center program.

Tomorrow, Feb 4th, weather permitting, will be a February FULL MOON WALK which will take place on the beach from the Boat Yard to Rose Point Road. Click here to see details. We will meet at the Boat Yard at 5:45 - dress warmly - no pets as we will try to call owls.

February 2, 2015 - News Flash! Kevin Wentworth will be on the WMTW Channel 8 News at 6:15! If you missed the live interview - click here to see it - Kevin did a great job.

I think I'm pretty cool with my bird videos but Kevin is really cool with his storm videos. You have to click here and see his latest video creation! He has people coming and going to work on Chebeague as well as the trip - What a lovely day it is today - NOT!

Bus service will be cancelled after the 5:00pm boat tonight. Rt 1 Stickers can park in Cousins for the evening. Boats will run all trips

No School Today because of the snow storm. It has been snowing all day and I have been messing around with my go-pro camera trying to see what kind of videos I might get. I attached it to one of our feeders looking at the suet and after about an hour of video I use about four minutes speeding it up to 2 minutes. I was hoping for the red-bellied woodpecker and the hairy who were there earlier but it is fun to see the starling, chickadee, downy and cardinals and the wind. Click here to see - I now have it videoing the ground and as soon as I make more room on my new computer for all my videos I might be able to see what that looks like.

School Committee Meeting tomorrow, February 3, at the school 6pm - see agenda.

The Sunset Committee will not meet today, February 2nd. The Sunset Committee will meet on Monday, March 2 at 5:30 at the Museum.

February 1, 2015 - Go Patriots!!! THEY WON 28 to 24!

Don't forget today is craft day at the Hall from 2 to 5 . ANY “PORTABLE” CRAFT (i.e. knitting, crocheting, embroidery, small loom weaving, no loom weaving, braiding, hooking,  you name it, if you can get it there, it is probably acceptable) Come learn or improve your skills in a craft, or teach someone else a craft, or just enjoy the company. Hope to see you there. FMYI call Ruth Slagle at 846-6345All ages welcome. Children under 12 must be accompanied by an Adult.

January 30, 2015 - Click here for an article that was inadvertently left out of the February Calendar. It is included in the online version, which is accessible at the top of this page.

Today’s Planning Board workshop has been canceled and will be rescheduled.

Breakfast at the Parish House Sunday mornings in February - join us at 9:00 for a hearty complimentary breakfast (donations welcome) and stay for worship around the tables at 10:00 if you like. Enjoy great food and fellowship! Children welcome.

January 29, 2015 - The Snowy Owl is back at the Hook - click here to see a photo by Kevin Wentworth taken this afternoon. Not sure if it is the same one or not. She is a lot cleaner than she was two weeks ago if the same one. Maybe it is because of all the snow.

Don't forget to order your pizza for Super Bowl Sunday - all proceeds to benefit the Chebeague School end of the year field trip. Click here for more information.

Can we save the ice for skating? Stephen Todd did his best yesterday to clear the pond as much as possible (thank you!!) but there is still more there. If anyone has the time and will, snow blowing the edges and shoveling the middle might help to save it but there's now way to tell with more snow in the forecast. Unfortunately, once we get this much snow/weight on the ice it is not safe for trucks and tractors so what is there can't be plowed. Please call CRC if you plan to go to the pond so I can go over a couple details with you, 846-5068.

January 28, 2015 - Go-pro drive Video- on January 28, 2015, a day after the storm when Vika and I drove around the island with a few stops. This video is 31 minutes down to 7 minutes with piano accompaniment from a piano recital of Holly Earnest Bowling when she was a Junior in High School. If this trip is too rough on you then click here to watch the 31 minutes in 16 minutes (less stressful) but lower definition.

Message from Sarah McKinnon: "Hello friends and community members, Winter can be a challenging time for many, with shorter days, cold weather and not enough sun, depression and loneliness can set in, but help is out there! I wanted to remind you of my private counseling practice located in Yarmouth. I work with adolescents, adults and couples on a variety of mental health needs from depression and anxiety, to trauma, grief and relationship concerns. Please keep me in mind when you, your family, friends or colleagues may be looking for a counseling professional. Word of mouth is an important source of referrals in this line of work! Please take a moment to look at my website for further information about me and my counseling practice! http://www.anchoredcounseling.com/
Thank you,

The CTC February Newsletter is available on the News and Info page of their website, chebeaguetrans.com

If the IRS calls you and tells you to call them back because they are trying to reach you - Don't Do IT - it is a spam, scam, trickery! Same thing goes with anyone calling and telling you that your computer has a problem. DON'T BELIEVE THEM and ignore them.

January 27, 2015 - Click here for a cool aerial photo of Chebeague taken yesterday from a plane around 4pm.

Tomorrow's Soups are: Vegetarian: Cauliflower Cheese
Non-Vegetarian: Chicken Tortilla and Lime Soup

Click here to see the storm from my bird feeder. I used my go-pro around noon and then sped about 1/2 hour of video. The birds are everywhere and we have had over 20 cardinals at the feeders in the yard along with tons of other birds. They really appreciate the extra food.

The Library is closed today.

The Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office has sent out Deputy Mailman to stay on the island for the duration of the storm. As always, in the event of an emergency call 911 and they will dispatch to him directly.

The 2015 Chebeague Island Community Sailing School will have a session on Long Island this year: June 29 – July 3.  Boating and sailing skills are essential for those who spend so much time on such wonderful waters as Casco Bay!  Click here to get the forms and learn more.

We are so excited to be able to offer personal training services at CRC. Brian Phipps recently moved to the island year round and is an ACE certified personal trainer specializing in functional fitness and nutrition. To set up a 1 on 1 personal training appointment or for more information call CRC at 846-5068 or send us an email. He has a flexible schedule and can offer sessions at a time that works for you. Morning, afternoon and evening times available. $25/hour for fitness pass holders and $30/hour for non fitness pass holders. This is half the cost of personal training services on the mainland!!

Huge snow storm today!

CTC ferry and bus service are cancelled for today and tonight - Tuesday 1/27. Normal service will resume on Wednesday.

January 26, 2015 - Today is the last day to sign up for Caroline's Painting Class - click here for more information.

Given current weather prediction, there is a high possibility that both CTC bus and boat service will be cancelled on Tuesday 1/27/15. We will continue to monitor the weather and send a final notice at 5:30am 1/27/15.

The Town Office will be closed tomorrow. Please don't park your cars on the wharf tonight or tomorrow as the storm surge is predicted to be large.

Sundays in February - breakfast at the Parish House at 9:00, followed by worship at 10:00 also in the Parish House. Join us for a hearty complimentary breakfast (donations welcome) and stay for informal worship around the table. Beginning on Sunday, February 1. Hope to see you there!

SEW GOOD is postponing it's first meeting from Wed. 1/25 to Wed. 2/4 due to the prospect of Blizzardly weather! We look forward to having you drop by to sew or craft a project of your choice & to help with our monthly 'Give Back' project. This month we're making pillowcases for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, plus a special Valentine for the Commons Residents. For more details contact Lola Armstrong or Karen Corson.

January 25, 2015 - Don't forget that today and Sundays is Craft Sunday at the Hall, 2-5 p.m.. ANY “PORTABLE” CRAFT (i.e. knitting, crocheting, embroidery, small loom weaving, no loom weaving, braiding, hooking,  you name it, if you can get it there, it is probably acceptable) Come learn or improve your skills in a craft, or teach someone else a craft, or just enjoy the company. Hope to see you there. FMYI call Ruth Slagle at 846-6345All ages welcome. Children under 12 must be accompanied by an Adult.

Ralph Munroe is again doing the Fight for Air Climb for the American Lung Association participating soon - click here to learn more and to support the cause.

January 24, 2015 - The Chebeague Parents Association will be selling and delivering Mrs. Summa's famous school pizza on SuperBowl Sunday. Click here for a menu and order early for preferred pick up or delivery times. Go Pats! All proceeds to benefit the Chebeague Island School's end-of-year field trip.

January 22, 2015 - Congratulations to Elias Rich, 8th grader (son of Chris Rich and Lori Hamilton) who won the Geography Bee at Harrison Middle School. He now has a chance to compete for a $50,000 Scholarship. Click here to learn more!

CRC's winter carnival is set for February 21st. Chili/Chowder/soup cooks and Polar Plungers wanted!! Call or email CRC today to sign up. We have some amazing prizes for winners this year: GC's to Allen, Sterling & Lothrop, European Bakery, Rainbow toys and many more…plus bragging rights:)

The Migratory Bird Video that the school produced now has 118 likes and we are hoping to get a lot more at the CornellLab of Ornithology BirdSleuth K-12 site! Click here if you haven't already liked it. Mrs. Hoidal also commented on some of the things we will be doing this half of the year. We have located an area in the trail behind the school where we have put suet for the woodpeckers and will be adding some bird feeders as soon as we get them. If you have an extra bird feeder or any bird houses we could put up in our nature area the students would love it. We are studying owls now and will also be putting up an owl box in hopes of getting one near the school. click here to see. Last year this was an eagle's nest and live cam and then these Great-horned showed up and made it their own - quite facinating!

EXTRA 1099-MISC FORMS I have 30 extra 1099-misc blank forms and 1 1096; plus envelopes. Hate to waste them! Call Bob at 846 0924 if you can use them.

January 20, 2015 - School Committee Meeting tonight, Tuesday, 6pm at the school - see agenda.

Click here for an interesting article in the New York Times about how Maine Islands are looking toward green energy alternatives- click here. A group of islanders and the Island Institute traveled to Denmark to learn more.

January 18, 2015 - Photo - taken of the snowy down at the Hook - she has been seen every few days since last week. Not sure if she is here to stay or not.

January 17, 2015 - Photo - of Sanfords Pond today January 17th taken this afternoon by Chris Loder.

Message from the town: On February 1, 2015, if the dogs remain unregistered the owner will receive a $25.00 additional late fee. So please remember to get in and register your dogs. Click here to learn more.

January 15, 2015 - Muskie School of Public Health needs our help. Muskie is holding 3 focus groups and are looking for people 65 and older to participate. Click here to see how you might be able to participate.

The pond will be open today after school and we are hoping to get another clearing crew together. If you have some time and could help scrape/shovel today please do! Thanks!!

Message from Pommy Hatfield: "I am gathering photos and memories for a book of Trot's bachelorhood days. His Chebeague years that interest me are between 1945 and 1958. Please contact me if you have or know of anything about him that may fit the time period. Does anyone remember him working with Dick McCormack, delivering milk in 1955? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks, Pommy Hatfield (contact info in the island directory)"

CRAFTS SUNDAYS AT THE HALL2:00 – 5:00 P.M.ANY “PORTABLE” CRAFT (i.e. knitting, crocheting, embroidery, small loom weaving, no loom weaving, braiding, hooking,  you name it, if you can get it there, it is probably acceptable) Come learn or improve your skills in a craft, or teach someone else a craft, or just enjoy the company. Hope to see you there. FMYI call Ruth Slagle at 846-6345All ages welcome. Children under 12 must be accompanied by an Adult.

Our Migratory Bird Video has been submitted to Cornell's Ornithology BirdSleuth k-12 Action Map and has the opportunity to win a prize if they get lots of likes by people. I put the submission in the Community Builders catagory because of the impact this type of educational experience has on everyone on Chebeague, Maine, and everywhere as well as the students themselves. Please click here and click the heart to show your like.

NOTICE: Please do not respond to email spams that appear to come from chebeague.net - We will never ask for your password and information in an email under any circumstances EVER! The latest one says it is coming form Help Desk.

January 14, 2015 - Photo - The SNOWY OWL is back down at the Hook! Today, January 14, around 4:15 I was able to get a photo of her. I wonder if it is the same one and if we will be able to tell. Click here for a photo of the building with the owl on the chimney as I tried not to get to close. It was January 17th last year when it first came to the Hook and stayed for three months.

January 13, 2015 - Soups for tomorrow at the Hall - Vegetarian is Tomato and Carolina Gold Rice Soup with fresh Thyme and Sherry Vinegar - Non-vegetarian is South of the Border Soup (Pork with Pinto Beans, Carrots, etc.), which may be slightly spicy but can be adjusted upward. YUMMY! Just what we all need in these frigid but sunny days!

Thanks to a group of community volunteers: Dylan Doughty, Lucas Phipps, Cassidy Jeffers, Jess Ryan, Hannah Birkett, Bea Crossman, John Birkett, and Aaron Rugh…skating at Sanford's will continue. We have chaperones for the rest of the week after school until 5:30 PM but still need chaperones for this weekend. Please let CRC know by Friday at 11:30 what times you can do over the weekend.

January 12, 2015 - Mary Todd won't be selling scallops this winter , but Alex and Heidi Todd are. Heidi's number is (207) 415-4547

Wow! I'm 66 years old today. Here's a Photo of the lovely lap quilt my sister Nancy gave me, all covered with birds and butterflies. I guess it's official -- I'm wicked old! Thank you Nancy and David.

January 11, 2015 - The Recompense Fund reports that its end-of-year solicitation for support went exceptionally well, and thanks the community for its generous support. As a result it expects to significantly increase its support of Chebeague’s nonprofits this year.

Michael Porter has updated his blog - click here to see Part VIII, Leiden.

Congratulations to Mac Passano and Gail Miller who were the recipients of the Seabury Award this year given by the Island Council for exceptional community service!

SEABURY AWARD: To be presented at a reception at the Hall Sunday January 11th, 3-5 pm. This Award is given by the Island Council for exceptional community service and the recipient will be announced at this gathering. Please join us in celebrating the generous spirit that makes our community unique.

January 10, 2015 - State Senator Cathy Breen and Representative Janice Cooper will meet with Chebeague Island constituents at 10:45am today at the Island Hall. Please attend and share your concerns, ideas and questions: transportation, healthcare, education, etc. Contact your elected officials directly and sign up for their e-newsletters: Senator Breen at Cathy.Breen@legislature.maine.gov and Representative Cooper at janicecooperforhouse@gmail.com. Newsletters are a great way of staying informed regarding what's happening in the Maine State Legislature.

January 9, 2015 - Photo taken by Bob Earnest early 1/8/15 - coldest day of the winter so far!

SEA SMOKE VIDEO - Click here to see a 12 hour time-lapse video taken from Chebeague Island, Maine, looking at Rogue Island. Taken on January 8, 2015 by Richard Hackell, the temperature throughout the day was -6° to +10°

The Qigong class that was scheduled to start January 16th has been postponed until spring. Stay tuned for a new date.

The POND will be open from 3:15-5:30 today (be ready to do a little scraping if this snow keeps up) and tomorrow 10AM-1:30PM. Chaperones are needed from 1:30-5:30 tomorrow, 10-5:30 Sunday and all next week after school. If you would like to be a chaperone make sure to return your forms to CRC.

Congratulations to Caroline Loder whose first art show will be installed at Clayton's Cafe in Yarmouth from this Saturday through Feb 28. She is really excited to share this work with islanders who may be following her painting progress on Facebook. Her website has the complete details of the works that will be on display: www.carolineloder.com. She sends a hearty thanks to all the islanders who have encouraged her in this pursuit with all the kind words of enthusiasm.

January 7, 2015 - The ice at Sanford's Pond is ready for skating!! Now we just need someone to chaperone and your signed forms. Call the CRC office if you are available for chaperoning at the Pond. The hours are Monday-Friday after school (3:15) until 5:30, Saturday and Sunday 10AM-5:30 PM as long as there is a chaperone present. For information about how to become a chaperone visit our website or call the CRC office.

All Juniors, Seniors and Parents - Please join Julia Maher from the Island Institute for information about college scholarships. Saturday, January 10th at the Library 11:00 - 1:00 pm. For more information call 846-4351.

SEABURY AWARD: To be presented at a reception at the Hall Sunday January 11th, 3-5 pm. This Award is given by the Island Council for exceptional community service and the recipient will be announced at this gathering. Please join us in celebrating the generous spirit that makes our community unique.

Congratulations to Maddie Kate Kaufman, who in September won the Jr. Girls and Ladies Class B Women tournaments at Westchester County Club New York!

The Email List has undergone a major upgrade. Please check it out ... Already in the list? Please check your listing for accuracy ... NOT in the list, but would like to be? Send a request to email.list@chebeague.net

January 6, 2015 - Tomorrows soup at the Hall is Vegetarian -- Vegetable --Non-vegetarian -- Turkey Noodle.

School Committee Meeting tonight, Tuesday at the school - 6pm - click here for agenda.

January 5, 2015 - State Senator Cathy Breen and Representative Janice Cooper will meet with Chebeague Island constituents at 10:45am on Saturday, January 10th at the Island Hall. Please attend and share your concerns, ideas and questions. All issues are on the table — transportation, healthcare, education, etc. Contact your elected officials directly and sign up for their e-newsletters: Senator Breen at Cathy.Breen@legislature.maine.gov and Representative Cooper at janicecooperforhouse@gmail.com. Newsletters are a great way of staying informed regarding what's happening in the Maine State Legislature.

Upcoming Programs for January at The Kids Place Come and join the fun!!! If anyone is interested in sharing a craft, or helping out with a craft that is listed here please e-mail: kidsplace@chebeague.net - click here to see all the fun programs coming up!

The annual meeting (Church Conference) of the Chebeague United Methodist Church will be held this coming Saturday, January 10th. Following lunch at 12 noon, the meeting will begin at 1:00 with District Superintendent Jim McPhee. All are welcome at the meeting.

January 2, 2015 - Last year Richard Hackel made a cool tidelapse video at Johnson Cove, Chebeague - click here to see.

Join us Sunday afternoon 2-5 for a craft workshop at the Chebeague Island Hall. Bring along any craft you may have been meaning to get back to, start, or plan. Any craft is acceptable, so long as you are able to carry it, and have the equipment, such as, knitting, crocheting, spinning, small loom weaving (or no loom weaving),
All ages are welcome. Children under 10 must be accompanied by an adult.
Hope to see you there.

Cathy Breen and Janice Cooper are scheduled to meet with Chebeague residents at 10:45am on Saturday, January 10th at the Island Hall.

January 1, 2015 - December's Pre-K newsletter from Miss Nancy - Click here!

Happy New Year!

SAILING SCHOOL 2015 APPLICATIONS ARE NOW BEING ACCEPTED; info and forms can be found at http://www.chebeague.org/cicss.html. Please be sure to fill out all forms and send in your check to reserve a space!

December 31, 2014 - Photo of a 6' star created by Herb Rich for the holidays.

Ice Skating Party & Pond Hockey at Knight's Pond Saturday, January 3rd from 1:00-4:00pm Cumberland and North Yarmouth, Maine - click here for more information.

December 30, 2014 - The Hall Committee is so excited about how the fundraising is going for the needed Hall repairs! Over a hundred and twenty donors and we are near our goal to get the repairs and weatherization started. Thank you to everyone and if you haven't already done so you can donate through our Online Save the Hall Campaign which will be extended for another month or you can mail the Hall a donation which many have done to 257 South Road, Unit 1, Chebeague Island, ME 04017.

Don't like football? Come to the parish house on New Years Day and sew for Guatemala. We are making chair pockets for the school. Pastor Linda Brewster will bring them on her mission trip next year. All materials provided, just bring your sewing machine and some thread. Soup and snacks provided. 9:30 am. FMY call Deb Bowman 846-0609.

December 29, 2014 - Photo by Wink Houghton of a Merganser. He is getting lots of action bird photos these days and there are a lot of wintering sea birds back to Chebeague including Buffleheads, Goldeneyes, and Long-tailed (Old Squaws).

The CTC January 2015 newsletter is available on the News and Info page of their website. You can sign up there to have it emailed to you every month.

Deb Bowman will take and recycle your old Christmas cards. You can drop them off at the Library through the book slot.

December 23, 2014 - Christmas Eve - Tonight at 7pm is the Christmas Eve Service at the church - see you there.

I have a message from Mike Grunko about the Fairpoint workers - click here.

COME CAROLING! All are welcome to join us Christmas Caroling tomorrow, WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 24th at 9 AM. We will begin at the store. Bring your voices, an umbrella, rain gear and help spread holiday cheer! Questions? Contact Erika Neumann, 207-749-8022 or erikagneumann@yahoo.com - see poster.

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