Do you need your Monitor Heater or Boiler cleaned and serviced???

Mike Rollins of Augusta has agreed to come to the island again this year to service Monitor Heaters and island boilers. His plan is to barge his truck and equipment to the island the week of September 17th and work through the week and into the next week as the need arises.

Mike took last year's client list and called each name on the list with limited success. So he followed up his call with a personal letter to each client asking them to call him to confirm their need or say they don't need service this year.

Anyone needing service should call 446-6040{days} or 242-0791 {nights} If you have trouble getting through to him, you can call Ernie Richardson an 207-215-3687 or call him on the island at 846-9576. Mike will be staying there during his stay on the island. New clients please specify the make and model of your unit.

The charge for service, cleaning,filters and gaskets is 125.00. Other appliance repair parts are extra.

Mike needs at least 20 clients on his list to make his trip worth while.