Kayak Haul-Out at RoseÕs Beach


This summer the Chebeague Sailing School and the  Chebeague Boatyard are providing a rack and space  for you to store your kayak, at your own risk.  No boats can be hauled into the barrier dune grass along the beach to RoseÕs Point. 


This area is under conservation easement with the Chebeague and Cumberland Land Trust. The Land Trust is partnering with the Sailing School and the Boatyard to support our kayakers.  The racks are now open for you to use.


Dune grass protection is important because it acts as a barrier to storm surges and flooding by dissipating wave energy and preventing erosion. It also provides a crucial habitat for a number of animal and bird species. While it can withstand extreme heat and lack of water supply, it cannot survive being trampled by humans as the brittle stocks snap easily. The passage of only a few people over the grass will kill it. Without vegetation, the dune is exposed to wind and water erosion and habitat loss.


LetÕs all work together to protect this special place