The Hunt for Favorite Trees:

The Clues

Follow these directions to the trees. You will find at each tree

a flag with the insignia of the non-profits that helped with this day.

1.   Northern Red Oak, Quercus rubra. Reisers, 11 South Road.

I am in front of the blue house. Look for the plaque they put on me just last year. It has a sweet story.

2.   Copper Beech, Fagus sylvatica var. atropunicea West (also sometimes known as Òpurple beechÓ) GroothoffÕs, 484 North Road.

I stand sentry near the barn entrance at the front of the house. I was nominated more times than any other tree (not to brag, or anything. I just think you should know how much I am loved on this island.)

3.     Eastern White Pine, Pinus strobus.  3rd tee on the golf course.

Go down the slope behind the shed at the tennis courts and cross half way over the bridge to the back tee of the third hole. Turn to your right and look up, up, up my massive trunk. Do not try to hug me. I donÕt want anyone getting hurt.

4.     Horse chestnut tree, also called Buckeye, Aesculus hippocastanum,

 Daytons, Higgins Farm, 646 South Road.

Go up the driveway and keep the house to your right as you go towards the water. IÕm at the front door, facing the water, providing lovely shade. My meadow was given to the Chebeague and Cumberland Land Trust. I am so grateful that my view will be forever wild!

5.     Northern Red Oak, Quercus rubra  Hoods, 11 JenkÕs Road.

Look to the right at the bend in the road and walk across the field. YouÕll have to come closer to see my trunk. Find out why I am called the Fun Tree!

6.     Silver Maple, Acer saccharinum              Zauggs.

Follow Capps Rd to the intersection of Capps and Artist's Point Roads. I am on the left, guarding the driveway as you look down to the water. There's a telephone pole in front of me, but it is nothing compared to my bark.

7.     Triple Pine, Pinus resinosa   Bisharats

The entrance to the path is on Littlefield Road, across and just past the entrance to the town garage. A big boulder marks the path. There is a downed tree now on the path but it's easy to step over. The pine is a short distance into the woods. 


8.     Silver Poplar or White Poplar, Populus alba, likely an ornamental, low-growing variety          (often mistakenly called silver maple) Murrays, 134 John Small Road.

I shimmer in the light right beside John Small Road in the MurrayÕs field. I am very popular. (Excuse the pun, but it is true.)

9.     White Ash, Fraxinus americana Poochie Ross, 142 John Small Road.

Follow the driveway towards the water, leaving the grey barn on your left. About 75 yards past the barn, I will be on your right, on the edge of the woods. If you get to the grey Quonset hut, you have gone too far.

10.   Paper birch, Betula papyrifera Chebeague Island School, 14 Schoolhouse Lane.

Near the tennis courts and overlooking the vegetable garden, I have 5 trunks growing out of my base. Generations of children have had their school pictures taken next to me.

11.       Northern Catalpa, Catalpa speciosa Howe and PassanoÕs, 168 South Road.

I am close to the side of the road to the right of the house. You will know me by my large leaves. In early July I have the most beautiful flowers. Notice next year!

12. Northern Red Oak, Quercus rubra Trask's, 25 BennettÕs Cove Road.

I am in the back yard. Go up the driveway and walk left between the house and the shed. I am behind the shed and I create lots of shade. You can admire me from the skating pond.

13. Ironwood, formally called Eastern Hophornbeam (Hardhack; Ironwood), Ostrya virginiana Birketts, 48 John Small Road.

At the curve in the road, go down the driveway and keep left of the door. Continue towards the water. There are several ironwoods. The Favorite is just in front of the trampoline. I am the one that has been the best for climbing. If you are travelling by car, consider parking at the boatyard and walking to me. Bikes, no problem.

14.   Apple, Malus pumila Cox-ChapmanÕs, 45 South Shore Drive.

Follow the dirt road, usually called ColemanÕs Cove, almost to the end. Look to your right, away from the water. If you get to the turn- around you have gone too far. Be sure to stop a moment to notice my view!

15. Norway Maple, Acer platanoides Hulburts, 33 Cottage Road.

Take the path, which is a cut through bittersweet, to the right of the yellow house. You canÕt miss me. Some say IÕm on RikerÕs Head; I say I am wonderful. Speaking of viewsÉ

16.   The talking tree

Go to the school and see the hiking trail map in your booklet. Enter the path behind the swings. After passing post 12 you will be making a sharp left on the trail.  It opens into a clearing.  The remaining ÒstumpÓ of me will be at 10 oÕclockish. So many children at school learned about Nature from me!

17.   The umbrella tree

Go the top of the Hook. Someone will show you where the tree was. As the tree is gone, and too much traffic is harmful, please take a picture of your team with the sign. Three cheers for the Land Trust that preserves this beautiful land and the memory of me!