Special Thanks

So many people and non-profits on Chebeague helped out!


Cheers, Applause and Gratitude:

      To the 37 people who nominated trees, often writing long and delightful descriptions of their favorite trees, and especially to those who were gracious when their nomination was deferred.

      To the Chebeague Island School, who welcomed the idea of having the 3-5th graders interview homeowners. Kristen Westra was particularly helpful and creative in her guidance of the interview process

      To the homeowners who allowed the Tree Hunters to come onto their land and see their trees, and volunteered to be present on the day of the Hunt

      To the Chebeague Island Library for displaying the clues, being the site for the launch, and contributing the Xeroxing. Deb Bowman was an amazing source of ideas and solutions, and single-handedly created marker flags for each tree

      To Bev's Chebeague Island website for providing the site for information about the hunt, promoting, and documenting the event.

      To the Chebeague Island Land Trust for providing moral support, verification of the trees and great swag for the prizes. Their board provided the flyers, the backpacks and frisbees, and the anonymous panel of judges  who chose the trees.

      To John Wilson, whose masters in forestry and his willingness to visit all the nominees meant that the names of the trees are accurate.

      To Jeanne Mullen, who drew the beautiful map of the island with intricate drawings of each of the trees.

       To Stacie Webb who took the pictures of each tree and its bark last fall, and created the display in the library to give clues to the hunters and THEN created the wonderful poster that served as the best prize for each team who found ten of the seventeen trees.