A Kids' Place Summer Update:

The Kids' Place had a very successful summer with an average of 10 children attending daily. Our camps took us to the beach, in the woods, to the playground next door and of course to our own wonderful campus right here at The Kids' Place. Berries were picked, crafts were made, lots of stories were read and many songs were sung.

The Kids' Place was busy and magical... However, something new happened this year, that was true magic. A handful of middle and high school students contacted me with the hope to get some community service hours. Bea Crossman was one of our regulars helping out at the pool along with a few of her friends. David and John Jordan along with their friends Wyatt and Max came and helped out at the pool as well. The magic was not in their showing up. The magic was in the amazing relationships that started between these teenagers and the two, three and four year olds. The small children would light up when the big boys and girls arrived. At the pool each teen would work with one our two children... work, meaning play... and these guys really can play!!!! I could trust them to watch the small children and keep them safe while creating a fun and amazing environment.

Some of the teens encouraged the children to try things they had never tried: putting their face in the water... trying to swim across the pool, jumping off the side. The way small children respond to teens is so different than how they respond to adults. I watched my own son basically start swimming on his own with one of these teens and it was incredible.

All in all The Kids' Place offered more than 100 hours of community service to the teens. When these teens returned to pre season sports, or took some time off before school started they were really, truly missed. The sweetness of the relationships was so wonderful. It is my hope that many of these teens return next year.... They brought smiles, laughs, courage and responsibility with them to The Kids' Place.

The Kids' Place continues to invite volunteers to come and work with the children. Our doors are open! Come with a craft, a book, some music and spend some time with the children. We will be open Monday through Thursday this coming school year, and we welcome visitors with open arms and hearts.

Have a great rest of the summer
Carrie Ridgway
Director of The Kids' Place