March 14, 2016

Dear Community,

The Kids' Place has been thriving through the winter, with five to six children attending daily! Anna Martin has been coming in and to help teach a preschool program enriched with art projects, books and outdoor exploration, once a week. We have worked hard to get the children outdoors and on expeditions as much as the weather permits.

We are excited about the upcoming warm weather and the start of summer programs. The Kids' Place has just formed a committee to help in preparations for changing season and the opening of The Kids' Place building. Currently, our committee consists of 7 members of our community and we would welcome more members if people are interested.
The Committee's focus is revitalizing the mission and vision of The Kids' Place, to move forward in a purposeful and productive manner.

We are excited to announce that we will be upgrading various parts of The Kids' Place infrastructure before we move back into the building. We are currently working on repainting the interior of The Kids' Place, including an ocean scene mural by Anna Martin. The mural is a beautiful representation of the outdoor environment of Chebeague Island that continues to enrich our programs and fill the hearts of our children. Furthermore, an anonymous donor is purchasing a new play-set that will serve the needs of the small children that attend The Kids' Place by providing small climbing equipment and swings for 2 and 3 year olds.

Island Trails, our successful summer camp, will run again this summer. Last year we had an amazing attendance of 14 to 16 children daily. We hope to have similar attendance this year. If you wish to be part of the committee or have feedback as we embark on our mission to outline the future of The Kids' Place, please contact me at or give a call! 846-8712.

I would love to have community input, as well as volunteers as we move forward. This is an exciting and inspirational time for The Kids' Place and your help and inclusion is most welcome.


Carrie Ridgway
Director of The Kid's Place
Chebeague island Me.

(207) 846-8712


The Kids' Place is going to re-decorate!!!

Anna Martin is going to paint a beautiful mural on the interior wall of The Kids' Place. We are looking for donations of interior latex paint of pretty much any color! Anna is a whizz at mixing!!!

So, check out your paints......
Do you have paints that are almost empty that you want to get rid of?
Do you have rollers and or brushes lying around that you don't need any more?
Do you have old colors that are no longer being used in your house?

We would love to have them! We will use them!!!
Drop off interior latex paint on the back porch of The Kids' Place now until April 15th. Anna and I will be checking daily, to be sure that nothing is left out in the rain!!