I am posting today, about a book called Free Range Kids, How to Raise Safe, Self-Reliant Children (Without going nuts with Worry). Written by Lenore Skenazy.

I thought I would review this book in light of recent facebook posts about how my generation was raised without a perfectly childproofed house, and how we rode bikes without helmets, and played all day outside without adults watching us every second.

This book is great in the way that it supports parents in giving their children some freedom.
The Wall Street Journal says "Skenazy will find plenty of supporters for her contention that, in a world where the rights of chickens to roam freely are championed, it's time to liberate the Kids."
When I read this book, I laughed out load, and was fascinated at the statistics used to illustrate just how safe our children really are, even when we aren't watching them every single second.

I often considered the reasons to move to Chebeague, and one of them was so that my children could feel the freedom I felt growing up in a small, rural area, where everyone knew each other and looked out for one another. This is such a fantastic book, and is helpful in finding ways to let go!!

One woman stated: " I read the whole thing and feel so much better! The pressure of always trying to do the exact right thing for my kids was exhausting. In truth, I have two normal, high energy boys who need to be able to explore the world! Thank you"

Please send an email to: kidsplace@chebeague.net if you are interested in borrowing this book.

Another parent said: "I was finding myself getting paranoid. I am so happy I read your book! it has really helped me relax!".

I highly recommend this one. It is entertaining anecdotal and truly an amazing read.

Carrie Ridgway