February 8, 2016

This Week's books is called Parenting Young Children It is part of a series of books for Systematic Training for Effective Parenting. (STEP).

This book is such a fast easy read, and gives concrete skills for parents to use in communicating with their children. The advice given here is practical, and down to earth. Putting the skills into practice is sooo easy! I read this book years ago when I started teaching Preschool on the mainland. I just re-read it this past week and am putting new skills into practice with my own children and the children that attend The Kids' Place. There is a second book aimed at communicating with your pre-teen and teenager. I haven't read it, but if it is anything like "Parenting Young Children" you will find skills that are really effective and helpful.

This book has relieved much stress. I have changed the way that I am addressing some issues and it is really helping. I highly recommend this book to anyone parenting young children.

I have 2 copies of this one, so if you are interested, please email: kidsplace@chebeague.net or just stop by!


Happy Reading
Carrie Ridgway