May 29, 2016

The Kids' Place has a new playset thanks to a Chebeague Island friend. We put the playset together Friday and Saturday with three generations working together! A great big thank you is owed to Betts Mayor, Eldon Mayor, Erika and Topher Neumann, Katie McCann, Adrian Cole, Tracy Calder, Morgan and Hannah Ridgway Nate and Eva Neumann and Esme Cole for all their time, efforts and man power... We wouldn't have a playset without them.

This playset goes along with our continued efforts to be "natural and locally purchased". The playset is all Cedar, and comes from Rockport Maine. We are amazed at how stable it is, and how very accommodating to smaller children it is. The Kids are absolutely in love with all the different climbing options that are offered, as well as the swings and trapeze.

Feel free to stop by and check it out! We will have kids there all day Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. The playset is tucked back away from the road and isn't that easy to see.... I would love everyone to see what a wonderful and valuable update has been generously donated to The Kids' Place!