A Kids' Place message:

The Kids' Place did really well with the lobster roll fundraiser this year... Thanks to many, many volunteers... Kids' Place would like to especially thank Vika Johnson for selling tickets and organizing the donation of so many lobsters! Thank you to all those that donated lobsters too! Thank you to Mark Bowman and Carly Knight for heading up the steaming and picking of lobsters.. and Thank you to all those that picked. A great big thank you to Jen Corson and her sales team too...

The Kids' Place pre-sold 209 tickets, and sold just about all the lobster rolls! Our fundraiser did far better than last year, thanks to many donations, lots of hard work by volunteers and lots of hungry people at the Fourth of July Picnic.

This fundraiser is our biggest, and helps assure that The Kids' Place can continue to exist for the young people on this island. We have had many local kids attending this summer, as well as a fair number of summer children. We have been exploring beaches and sea life, and this week we are working on making a garden and growing seedlings. The children have been swimming at the pool in the afternoons, and enjoying each others company on the new playground.

Stop by some morning and say hello!
We welcome visitors!!!!


Carrie Ridgway
Director of The Kids' Place