An Earth Day Up Date from The Kids' Place:

We spent two beautiful days last week at Chandlers Cove and filled two pick up truck loads with garbage!!! The children also found usable lobster bait bags and sea glass, a nice bonus.

The children all worked very hard.... and enjoyed the beautiful weather. Juliette Pellerin said "I am picking up all this garbage because I care about the animals, and I don't want them to be sick"

Morgan Ridgway said "We don't want this garbage to wash back into the ocean where it can hurt the sea animals... and if it gets washed into the ocean and never washed up to shore... what a problem that would be!"

When I asked Hannah why we were picking up garbage on the beach she said "OK!"

This week we will be walking North Road and picking up garbage and visiting Bennett's Cove.

We have had 5 people email with sponsorship... We would love to have more support! Please email: All proceeds will go toward new strollers for The Kids' Place so we can continue adventuring around the island!

If you would like to join us.... 10:00 at the rec. Center on Wednesday for a walk down North Rd...we would love the company! We will probably hit Bennett's cove on Thursday! E mail with questions!

Thanks so much

Carrie Ridgway