The Kids Place Autumn Newsletter

This Fall we have been very busy exploring our island home. The children traveled to beaches, apple trees, Second Wind Farm, Shady Grove Farm and The Commons.

In our travels the children learned and discussed living and non-living. Finding living creatures on the beach was the highlight of our exploration, we also explored how shells aren't living, but are often homes to living creatures.

We have also studied islands. Our young students mixed up a formula of what they thought an island was made of. They chose rocks, dirt, pine needles and grass. We added glue and shaped our islands on blue paper plates. We also found islands during the outgoing tide at The Hook. The children loved standing on their small islands.

We have also had the privilege of working with Anna Martin. Anna is helping the children make a memory quilt, to remind them of the many things they learned at The Kids' Place this year. Our first square contains three boats. The children painted their squares and counted the boats.

We have learned new Halloween rhymes, played a lot of matching games and continue to play outside while the weather is warm and sunny.