Message from Kid's Place:

The Kids' Place has been a vital part of our island community for eight amazing years. As Kids' Place director for the past three years, it has been a privilege for me to work with the children of Chebeague island, and to watch them grow and change. As our programs continue to develop and grow, it has become increasingly evident that we need to expand our early childhood education programs so that our youngest citizens get off to a great start. "Well-designed preschool education programs produce long-term improvements in school success, including higher achievement test scores, lower rates of grade repetition and special education, and higher educational attainment" (The National Institute of Early Education Research, Rutgers. The State University of New Jersey 2008). We all know that children are vital to the sustainability of the year-round island community and our future. Now is a great time to not only step back and celebrate our accomplishments but to look to how we can make a great place even greater.

Thanks to a grant from The Recompense board that we received last fall, we were able to travel to other Maine islands to research what they are doing with their early childhood development programs, and our findings were eye opening. Now we are excited to implement some of the ideas we have gathered. For example, both North Haven and Islesboro have created toddler and/or preschool programs that focus early childhood development. The teachers create and teach curriculum exclusively. They keep shorter hours, which encourages more children to attend simultaneously, creating a richer learning environment. The programs are geared toward learning, rather than simply caring for children.

Since our research began, we have designed a unique education-based program at The Kids' Place. Just as our island school never fails to impress visitors with its strengths, The Kids Place can and should do the same. The Kids' Place now operates with a new curriculum based in exploring nature and our most amazing asset, our island home. The response from the kids has been incredible, as has the opportunity for learning. For instance, in a beach visit, we engaged in discussions about rough and smooth, colors and size gradation. We have explored floating and sinking, temperature, tides and landforms, all of which fit into early childhood guidelines offered by the state of Maine. We have also focused on using eco-friendly and locally made art products in our classroom. These new programs based in the outdoors and respecting the environment, have attracted 12 to 18 participant's every week, making The Kids' Place a thriving educational environment all summer long. Furthermore, we have had a real mix of summer and year-round children which has created new and lasting friendships.

These changes have been amazing, but there is a lot of work left to do, and we need your help. The community can support us in many ways. The Kids' Place would welcome volunteers to teach art, music, culture and to read with the children. Just an hour of your time would be helpful. We always have a wish list of educational materials aimed at children ages 0 to 4, and would welcome donations in kind. We soon hope to have shelves of educational materials to enhance our toddler and preschool programs.

Thank you again for all of your support. Over the year, here at The Kids' Place, we are constantly reminded that the children of Chebeague are the future. We can't wait to welcome the support of the community on our new endeavors and to share our time and space with you.

Our Wish List:

Kids Place Wish List

Montessori Materials: (These are all materials that prepare children for Ms. Nancy's Pre-K classroom. I have worked with Nancy to put this list together.

These materials can be purchased through Montessori Services at

Cloth Aprons: Toddler 12.50
Primary: 12.95
Elementary: 14.95
(Ideally, 3 of each)

How Fruit and Vegetables Grow (Set of 5 books) 29.95

Light weight hammers 2 at 29.75

Five Sense Books ( set of 5). 31.25

Continent books 50.50

Weather Watchers book (set of 4). 37.50

Our Peaceful Classroom ( 14.95)

Globe (ideally one that is just land and water).

Broom and mop organizers (6.95)

Tool belt and accessories: 33.95

Pentatonic thumb piano 69.95

Melody harp 42.95

Rhythm stick kit 32.95

Multicultural rhythm stick fun 16.95

tie die 10 foot parachute 45.00

Writing tray with lid 72.00

Global babies 6.95 (book)

non living and living three part photo cards
Laminated: 11.95
and 18.95

Same Same but Different 17.95 (book)

Plant /animal classification (9.95)

Horse shoe and bar magnets

wooden mosaic puzzles 15.95

Maine Made Toys
found at:
These items are Locally made and eco-friendly. This will teach our children to support local and eco-friendly at a young age, and remember how special our state and our island is.


Wooden Rainbow Stacking Tower 39.95

Grimm's Elements Nesting blocks: Earth 34.95

Wooden toy Log Truck 49.95

Wooden toy Airplane 39.95

Wooden toy sailboat 25.95

Fagus Wooden Toy Tractor 59.95

Nicki Baby Waldorf Doll Green 21.95

Nicki Baby Waldorf Doll Striped 21.95

Peppa Waldorf Dolls 79.95

wooden lawn mower $25

Wooden Farm Tractor, tank truck, Cement truck $13.50 each

Wooden Peg board Games 12.50 to 15.00

wooden Cradle, high chair, stroller $76, $60, $60

Eco-friendly Made in the USA toys

Green Toys Shape Sorter

Green toys Blue Tea Set 23.99

Green toys tool set Pink 21.99

Green toys tractor with trailer 17.99

Green toys helicoper 14.99

2 way flipper Ball Run $54.99

Organic Cotton Knit Bee 9.99
Hand Knit Cotton Fish 14.99

hand knit organic cotton knit turtle 19.99

double shutter classic Game 19.95

24 triangular colored ecopencil set $6.95

lacing peacock 14.95

Green Gourmet Chef Kitchen $124.95

chickyboom Game $24.95

Tall stacker Pegs Building Set $36.95