Message from the Islands Committee 9/14/04
(A group appointed last year by the Town Council to look at Island issues
and give recommendations to the town)


Proposed Development on Roy Hill Road

There are quite a few rumors circulating around about development that may take place on Roy Hill Road. This is an effort to provide accurate information about what is going on.

A proposal to create a 6 or 7- lot subdivision has been made by Tom Fernandez who owns the parcel of land known as "petticoat farm". It is at the north end of Roy Hill Road, behind Rick Boisvert's new house on North Road and the Durgins and Maxons on Littlefield Road. At its August meeting on Chebeague the Planning Board held a brief "pre-application" review. This is the first review of what is usally a long (4 months minimum up to over a year) process of review following criteria laid out in the Town's subdivision ordinance. According to Town Planner, Carla Nixon, it will not be on the September 21st agenda because discussions are taking place between Fernandez and the surrounding property owners.

This possible subdivision is completely unrelated to the effort to try to provide some affordable housing on Chebeague. That project is still in its early stages. The Islands Committee, through the Town has applied for a planning grant from the state do do a study of what kind of housing is most needed. The only site discussed for it so far is the "Curit property" which is between North Road and the shore, across from the church. The property has been bought by the Town and the Cumberland Mainland and Islands Trust. The shore part will be held by CMIT in an open space easement. The upland part, which does not have frontage on North Road, could be used for the affordable housing.

The driveway being cleared on the east side of Roy Hill Road near the middle of the island is a driveway for one house. It is also unrelated to the Petticoat Farm subdivion.

The Members of the Islands Committee