Wanted Student Researchers

Grades 3-College

Have you ever wondered who lived in your house or who might have farmed your land? What did the people do for work?  How old is the house?  Was it ever remodeled?


The Chebeague Island Historical Society is beginning to work on its new exhibit that will focus on the history of the island through its built environment.  As part of the project we are providing an opportunity for our students to learn how to conduct primary research. 


Donna Damon will teach students how to research deeds, find census information, and use tax records from the 19th century.  Students will have access to the MuseumÕs 18,000 photo catalogue as well as the extensive collection of artifacts. 


There is no charge.  Please call Donna Miller Damon

846-5140 or email Chebeaguehistory@gmail.com to sign up.  Appointments will be at the convenience of the students. Please call ASAP!


We hope to use the student work in the exhibit!