Letters to the Editor
The Forecaster
P. O. Box 66797
Falmouth, ME 04105

November 11, 1999


To the Editor:

I am absolutely appalled that a publication of The Forecaster's stature
could be persuaded to imply that the Town of Cumberland has been engaged in
some form of clandestine cloak-and-dagger plot to overthrow the Town of
Yarmouth and to coerce the State of Maine into acting against the best
interests of its citizens.

What, pray tell, is wrong with a town drafting plans intended to provide
for the long-term well-being of its citizens? Yarmouth apparently had
similar designs on the Blanchard lot as written in their 1993 Comprehensive
Plan: "This parcel should be purchased or taken by eminent domain. The
acquisition of the Blanchard lot would provide parking for Yarmouth
residents and can also be used as a picnic area which Yarmouth residents
who may not be needing the dock facility itself for boating purposes to
enjoy the area for scenic and recreational purposes."

As for Nancy Blanchard's desire to maintain ownership of the parking lot,
The Forecaster failed to mention two critical points recently reported by
the Portland Press Herald. First, "Blanchard admits that she would
probably raise the price for parking if she gets the property back" and
second, "She said she would give the land to the town of Yarmouth upon her

So if MDOT doesn't take the land, Chebeaguers can look forward to steeply
increased parking rates in the short term and a picnic area for Yarmouth
residents in the long term. That is far from preserving affordable ferry
service through a permanent solution that both towns are seeking and so
sorely deserve.



David R. Hill
Cousins Island, Yarmouth