The Board of Selectmen has scheduled a public workshop at 6:00pm on May 20th at the Hall to address the improvement of Wharf Road parking.




Last summer, the Great Chebeague Golf Club’s board determined that one way for the Club to be part of the solution would be to offer to donate to the Town approximately one (1) acre of land next to the Stone Wharf that could be improved by the Town into a free parking lot accommodating at least 40 or more full sized vehicles.  This offer was brought to the Town by the Club last October.  The Club is pleased to have been in discussions with the Town since then, and is grateful to the Town for the leadership it has shown on this critical issue.




1. Benefits to Users of Stone Wharf

   °Parking available in close proximity to the CTC Ferry and privately owned boats and punts.

   °Parking available in a maintained, well-lit, safe location eliminating the long walk down Wharf Road.


2. Benefits to the Club

   °Substantially reduce parking along Wharf Road thereby:

a.      While very rare, reducing the possibility of vehicles and members of the public being accidently struck by golf balls

b.     Enhancing play on the 1st, 4th and 5th holes

   °Obtaining a use easement from the Town for the 7th tee box on the Wharf, but without restricting the Town’s use, repair or maintenance of the Wharf.


3. Conditions to the Club’s Donation

   °The Town is responsible for:

a.      Building and maintaining a parking lot large enough to accommodate at least 40 full sized vehicles within 24 months of accepting the donation

b.     Obtaining all permits, approvals, surveys, zoning changes

c.      All costs and expenses associated with the receipt of the parcel, including the survey, design, construction and maintenance of the parking lot

d.     All contacts and arrangements with any abutters to the donated parcel

e.      Erecting signs on Wharf Road directing the public to park in the new lot, rather than along Wharf Road.

   °Subject to certain accommodations to the Town relating to potential future uses, the donated parcel must be used by the Town only as a free public parking lot accommodating at least 40 vehicles.


Rights of the Town

   ° to make such agreements/arrangements with abutters as it deems appropriate

   ° to determine configuration, method of construction and operations of the parking lot

   ° to use a portion of the parcel for other low impact public purposes

   ° to modify operations/maintenance during winter months


Rights of the Club

   °A reconveyance of the parcel to the Club for $1.00 if the Town:

a.      Fails to construct the lot within 24 month of accepting the donation

b.     Fails to maintain and operate the lot as a free public parking lot consistent with the agreement between the Town and the Club

   °The right to repurchase the parcel from the Town if, in the future, the Town desires to sell or convey the parcel to a third party for the lesser of (1) the price offered by the third party, or (2) the Town’s costs incurred in planning, designing and construction of the lot.




Please contact Jim Hood, the Club’s President, at 846-3150 or (603) 494-6505