Save Harpswell from Fairwinds `dragon`

Once upon a time, a town was feeling oppressed by taxes.

A dragon came along and said, "I will see that your taxes are reduced if you will let me lie here."

The people agreed and the dragon settled. The fire from its nostrils lit up the land for miles around and its odors polluted the waters. Its breathing was like a roar. No one could sleep. People fled and all industry stopped.

Then a knight in search of a quest came and slew the dragon. As the sword entered its body, it exploded with a mighty blast and the town was no more.

Such things, it seems, can happen in Harpswell where the townspeople believe in fairy tales and look only toward comfortable promises.

They will find little of comfort if fishermen, marinas and tourism are destroyed by having the ill-named "Fairwinds" residing in their lovely, fragile corner of this Earth.

As one who has been given no choice in the matter, I urge the citizens of Harpswell to save us all and vote "no."

Susan B. Stavropoulos
Chebeague Island