Donna Miller Damon

April 6th she will
50 years young!!!

 Donna Damon Turns 50!

Chebeaguers turned out in record numbers on April 1, 2000 to celebrate the 50th birthday of one of its most involved and beloved citizens, Donna Miller Damon. The Island Hall was the scene of the gala event, with scores of residents and visitors joining Donna for her big celebration.

The Hall was brightly decorated in spring colors with posters and a slide show reminding the guests of Donna's childhood, Island experiences, and many community contributions.

Pictures from the event! - just click here!

 As a Child

Donna was born in 1950 to Ellsworth and Melba Miller. From childhood she showed her interest in her community and its past. She learned its history and enjoyed exploring the island with other children. She had a remarkable memory and still reminds her friends of many escapades long forgotten by most!


 The Girl Scout

Donna was always involved in a number of activities. One of her favorite as a young girl was Girl Scouts. Donna threw herself into her Girl Scout troop. She collected more badges than any other island girl and enjoyed camping and arts and crafts. She was particularly good at saluting!

 The active teenager

When Donna left the island to attend Greely High School in 1964, she took the place by storm. She quickly became involved in so many activities that she seemed to spend more nights at her "second home", the Martins, than on the Island. It was through this family that she would meet her future husband.

Donna was chosen to represent her class at Girls State, an honor given to the girl who displayed the most leadership in her class. Donna also was selected to be a member of the National Honor Society, a select group of class leaders honored each year. In 1968 Donna left for the University of Maine in Orono determined to become a teacher.



 The Twenties

After graduating from the University of Southern Maine in 1972, Donna settled down in Portland. Within a few years, however, she would be moving to Massachusetts to marry Doug Damon, an engineer. Doug was the nephew of the Martins and the romance culminated in an Island wedding on August 16, 1975. The wedding took place in Donna's church, the Chebeague Island Methodist Church and the reception was held at the Hillcrest Hotel. As Donna left the Island for her honeymoon, her friends gathered and sang the "Chebeague Song" as a farewell.



 Back to Maine

It wasn't long before Donna came home to Maine and moved back to her island. She and Doug built a home and settled in with their children, Rachel and Thomas. Donna soon became involved in many Island activities, always willing to lend a hand and always looking for ways to help her community. Donna became the Island Historian and devoted countless hours to researching and recording genealogical information. She became a strong advocate for Maine's island communities.





 The Island Girl

Donna has always been involved in worthwhile causes. Since she moved to Chebeague, she has been an integral part of the community. She has been part of nearly every civic organization. She was instrumental in starting the Historical Society, The Chebeague Library, a key member of the Island Institute, and an active in the Chebeague Receation Center, the Chebeague Methodist Church, and the island theaters, Donna has held elective offices in the town as well.

 David Slays Goliath

Donna received national attention when she took on giant RJR Nabisco and won! When the corporate giant decided to stop production of Pilot Crackers, a New England seafaring staple, Donna took action. She saw the loss of the cracker as an assault on a way of life and mounted a campaign to convince Nabisco to reconsider. Donna's efforts paid off when national press attention, including a story on CBS Sunday Morning, caused enough pressure on the company that it reversed its decision. Pilot Crackers are still being produced and happily consumed by Donna and scores of other Chebeaguers.

 Daughter, Wife and Mother

Despite all her community involvement, family always comes first with Donna. She teaches and supports her children in all ways, exposing them to as much of life's possibilities as she can. Her devotion to her parents is unwavering. She makes certain that all their needs are met and has cared for them whenever illness or injury struck.

Donna with her lifelong friend Carol
 Carol Todd Sebastianski put celebration together and wrote the excerpts included on this site. She even produced the slide show and posters. Some of the people who helped in the celebration included Francis Todd, Binkie Boxer, Gail Miller, Bev Johnson, Frank Sebastianski, Ross Sebastianski, Hiedi Todd, George+Nichola Morin and all associated children. Special thanks to all that kept this secret and truly made it a surprise!