Dr. Rybka is scheduled to come to the Commons on Monday, December 28th.  He will come on the 10 boat.  If you would like to make an appointment, please call his office at 829-6463

The Council held its monthly meeting on Wednesday, December 16th and again, many of you brought your concerns and questions to the table.  The Council is fortunate to have Attorney Meg Greene to help us answer those questions.

The Council continues to work on the major issue preventing the space from being used by qualified practitioners.  This issue is the disposition of patient records that go back to the 1980’s.  Once a plan has been decided on and the records can be removed to a secure location, the space will again be available for use. 

The Council’s ongoing work will ensure there is a defined separation of liability between anyone who uses the space and the Council.  Preparation of lease is well underway as are protocols and procedures for the many programs the Council offers to the community.

Dr. Rybka, will not be able to use this space until it has been emptied of the records.  The Council is arranging for a visit before 2016 at another location.  We will advise the community when this has been accomplished.

Your patience has been tested and I am truly sorry for that.  Better and more definitive communication about the status of the Council’s work may help to further illuminate the significant issues we have been dealing with and are trying to correct. 

Thank you for your support.
Deborah A. Bowman, President