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Board of Directors


MSAD #51
2003-2004 Budget Public Vote



May 15, 2003 7:00 PM Greely High School Gymnasium

1. Call To Order ­ by MSAD #51 Board of Directors Secretary, Robert G. Hasson, Jr.

2. District Budget Meeting ­ Public Vote

3. Adjourn Meeting _______ PM

Next Meeting:
· Monday, May 19, 2003 ­ Mabel I. Wilson School, Multipurpose Room, 7:00 PM

MSAD #51 Mission

The mission of MSAD #51 is to guide all students as they acquire enthusiasm for learning, assume responsibility for their education, achieve academic excellence, and discover and attain their personal bests.

To accomplish this mission, the MSAD #51 community will collaborate to:
· Use effective instructional practices and provide professional development to assure
that all students meet or exceed the District's benchmarks and outcomes;
· Ensure a safe and respectful environment where all feel a sense of belonging; and
· Promote parental participation as fundamental to each student's success.

Board Goals for 2002-2003
1. Effectively engage students in learning to ensure that each student meets or exceeds the District's benchmarks and outcomes and progresses towards attaining his/her personal best. In support of this goal, the Board will:
· Support the District's ongoing work in curriculum, assessment, instruction and professional
· Measure the District's progress towards attaining its mission by collecting, analyzing and
sharing data on student performance;
· Establish measurable goals for improving student achievement; and
· Develop and evaluate the structures and policies necessary to ensure all students meet the
district's benchmarks and outcomes.

2. Implement accountability systems for providing, assessing and supporting student learning. In support
of this goal, the District will:
· Recruit, retain and develop quality staff;
· Encourage the ongoing development of instructional and administrative leadership;
· Develop and use a system of data analysis for decision making; and
· Develop 3-year budgetary goals and strategies to provide greater financial stability.

3. Promote community involvement in education by:
· Establishing an ongoing dialogue with community members; and
· Collaborating with the community to meet student needs.

4. Provide a quality learning and work environment to support our educational mission by:
· Constructing a new middle school to open in fall of 2004;
· Renovating Greely Junior High into high school space for use beginning in fall of 2005; and
· Securing funds from the State to renovate and construct an addition to Greely High School.

MSAD #51 Board of Directors
John Aromando, Chair 829-6861
Peter Bingham 829-5713
Betts Gorsky 781-2234
Polly Haight Frawley, Vice-Chair 657-2373
Audrey Lones 829-4171
Henry Kennedy 829-6979
Jim Moulton 657-3803
Bob Vail 829-5393