Thanks to grants from The Recompense Foundation, Island Institute, and the Lowel Scholarship as well as a Community Talent show we were able to raise about $2600 which enabled the whole school and parents to have a fabulous "vacation - learning experience" in Boston. We traveled Wednesday after school and spent the night at a motel just outside of Boston. The next morning we traveled to the Museum of Science where we left our cars. The younger grades K-3 traveled by the MBTA to the Peabody Museum at Harvard while the older grade went by train to the beginning of the Freedom Trail. We all met back at the Science Museum at 5 for dinner and then an extensive experience and sleep over at the Museum of Science. Following are images of our trip. I don't have any pictures yet of the K-3 Peabody Museum Trip but hopefully will have some soon.

3:45 boat leaving the island



We arrive Thursday morning at the museum parking to start our day trips in Boston and Cambridge


3-6 Graders heading to Park Street for the beginning of the Freedom Trail



 Schedule for the Museum of Science

5 - 7:30 Registration and Explore
7:30 Opening Welcome with a "Mad Scientist"
8-9 Workshop - K-3 Rocks and Minerals, 4-6 Rain forest
9:20-10:10 - Ongoing activities, snack of ice cream Sundays, Exploring
10:15 Late night show: Mind Games
10:45 Pick up gear and set up campsites - We were with the Dinosaurs
12 midnight - lights out
6:45 am up and packup
7- 8:50 breakfast and explore museum
8:50 - OMNI theater show - Mysteries of Egypt
10-11 - Explore museum more!

Following are images from the Museum of Science




Friendly's Ice Cream Sundaes


Friendly Porcupine






Working with insides of a sheep




Box Lunch before we leave 

Home on Friday 2:30 boat