Chebeague Island Hall Community Center

October 13, 2013


Dear Neighbors and Friends,


A lot happens at the Chebeague Island Hall and Community Center: Town Meetings, elections, dinners/brunches, receptions/birthday parties, emergencies (Patriots Day storm and power outages), adult and children’s theater, group gatherings—the list of uses is endless.  The Hall is a focal point in our new town.  


This year the Hall is having it's floors refinished at the end of October. We are hoping that when you send your proxy in for this years annual meeting of October 24th that you may consider adding a little something to go toward our floor refinishing.


The Board appreciates all your support.


Thank you,


CIHCC board,

Ruth Slagle and Mabel Doughty, presidents, Susie Stavropoulos, Gina Ross, Sam Mclean, Bev Johnson, Pat St.Cyr, Tad Runge, Binkie Boxer, Martha Hamilton, Dianne Brewer and Barbara Hamilton




  PROXY in pdf - click here

Chebeague Island icense plate which would look great on any car or as an addition to a play/childrens/teen/college room maybe purchased at the Library.

Pot Luck Supper in honor of Sylvia Ross - January 25, 2003

Building expansion fundraising effort was successful and the new room was added in 2004
- thank you to all who contributed!

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