Chebeague Island Hall Community Center

October 28, 2014


To All Full-and Part-Time Chebeaguers and Islanders at Heart:


Chebeague Island Hall Community Center, the simple clapboard building where we all come to vote, watch our children's plays, find shelter from coastal storms and winds, shop the Commons yard sale, raise money for an ailing neighbor, take our pet to the vet, and grab a warm meal and a friend to chat with every wintry Wednesday, needs her underpinnings replaced and her roof insulated. After years of deferred maintenance, she has a serious moisture problem and critter infestation below and no barrier above to keep the heat in and the costs down. Her sole source of secured funding comes in the form of a $4000 payment from the town in return for serving as the de facto town hall. Otherwise, the Hall relies on building, chair, and table rentals and the Fourth of July ice cream sale (which netted just over $400 this year). The Hall is a private nonprofit whose mission is to serve our small island community. The Hall does not charge dues or have an annual appeal. Now, faced with a bill of $39, 800, the Hall is asking for your help. Save our lovely old lady and ensure that she remains the vital center of this little island that we all love so much. The fundraiser has begun! We hope that the Chebeague Island Hall Community Center will be able to benefit from this new method of fundraising. This approach represents a collective leap in thinking for some members of the Hall board, most of whom remember when the indoor outhouse at the Hall was considered a wondrous innovation. (Unless, like Gina, you were introduced to the Hall as a bride at your wedding reception and faced with the realization that you would have to actually use that indoor outhouse while wearing your beautiful white gown.)




Photo - The Hall was adorned with many of Louise Todd's wonderful paintings today for the Memorial Reception.



CIHCC board,

Ruth Slagle and Mabel Doughty, presidents, Susie Stavropoulos, Gina Ross, Sam Mclean, Bev Johnson, Pat St.Cyr, Tad Runge, Martha Hamilton, Dianne Brewer and Barbara Hamilton, Tad Runge





Chebeague Island license plate which would look great on any car or as an addition to a play/childrens/teen/college room maybe purchased at the Library.

Pot Luck Supper in honor of Sylvia Ross - January 25, 2003

Building expansion fundraising effort was successful and the new room was added in 2004
- thank you to all who contributed!

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