Chebeague Island Hall Community Center
RR 1 Box 152
Chebeague Island, Maine 04017

 Volunteer Board:

Dianne Brewer
Mabel Doughty
Leland Hamilton
Martha Hamilton
Beverly Johnson
Peggie Jones
Sylvia Ross
Pat StCyr
Susie Stavropoulos
Deborah Willson

A PUBLIC HEARING is also being called for October 18th, 7:00pm to answer questions about our submitting a grant to the USDA to obtain funding for our addition project.

June 20, 2001

Dear Member of the CIHCC:

By virtue of the by-laws of the CHEBEAGUE ISLAND HALL COMMUNITY CENTER....YOU, as a member of the Chebeague Island Community (year round or summer) are a member of this organization. We are the only island group that does not make an annual appeal for membership dues. Historically the Hall has always been driven by volunteers. We manage to cover expenses to maintain the building from rental fees and fund raising functions...therefore, when we need a sizable fund for building improvements - we ask you to consider donating to the cause.

We are working on a plan to build an addition behind the hall, as well as making electrical repairs and improving ventilation. The proposed addition will be approximately 15' x 18' and attached to the back of the building. It will be insulated and sheathed. The cost of this addition and other improvements has been estimated at $30,000. We are looking at other possible funding sources but without the financial backing of our community it would be impossible to achieve.

This room will be expecially useful when our summer theater productions are put on. Cast members will have a place to change costumes and wait to go on stage. A room would enable us to move the hundred chairs that are now in the handicap restroom. Our 8 ft. ladder rests atop the chair caddy there. Presently, the 6 x 8' utility room at the end of the kitchen houses a water heater, water tank, vacuum cleaner, filter system, mops, brooms, buckets, paint cans and brushes. A metal shelving unit contains quilting goods, Bingo equipment, party decorations, costumes, music stand, rehearsal supplies, Whaler music library and janitor supplies. 50 pound bags of salt are stored on the floor for the necessary filter system. Paper products and kitchen supplies fill another corner. The back wall contains all our electrical and telephone boxes and the attic space overhead is crowded with costumes, scenery and seasonal decoration. Ironing boards, partitions, and the veterinarian table are stored behind the kitchen doors.We need to move these items for safety as well as easier accessibility. Our electrical service needs to be upgraded for safety and efficiency. We need to have better ventilation in the Hall and stage.

Anyone who has used the Hall understands the necessity adding this room. The Board feels that this could be accomplished within the year. The attached sheet shows the pictures and description of some of the usage and value the Hall has for our island. Please come to our aid with a contribution. We have enclosed a mailing envelope for your convenience.

Thank you for your consideration.

Sincerely....................Board of Directors


 OUR MISSION: Continue to meet the diverse social, educational and charitable needs of all ages in the Chebeague Community - Offer the same level of free Hall use consistent with prior years - Cover rising maintenance costs of a gracefully aging Hall Make improvements to the stage and storage facilities

Necessity for a building expansion area:

6 x 8 room

In order to install the filter system it was necessary to remove the set tub which someday should be reinstalled.The water tank, water heater, filter system take up much area in this room.The shelves on the left store quilting goods, hall records, bingo equipment, party decorations, costumes, rehearsal supplies, whaler music library, janitorial supplies, table cloths, .....

The attic has items from theatre productions and some decorations. The pull out ladder which is next to the electrical panel is difficult to maneuver and access.

   Many items stored behind doors or leaning against walls in kitchen, hall and backstage area

Handicap bathroom stores 100 chairs which when an event takes place must be removed by law for proper handicap accesibility. We also store our 8' ladder on top of the chair rack.

Additon to be 16' wide by 18' long.



Proposed addition attached to the rear of the building:

Back View

Side view